Armada 2 ODF Replacements Armada 2 ODF Replacements

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Chris Edmund, 2002-11-07

Replacements for ODF's in Armada 2

All right fokes here are the modafied files of the odf's form st armarda 2
don't change if you do your taking a big risk of your computer crashing
But they are safe to use trust me

Please email me if you do modafey them or your want to deslpay this odf file
My email is
I love getting emails

Oh here log on to this web site
Texted base epasoides on the net
Their in season 2
A great read

Email me at the above adress and tell me how you like or hate the mod
All emails welecome

Here comes what to do,

go to were the armard 2 files are located on the hard drive or hard disk ( they are both the the same

Drop the odf file into the main directey it WILL ask you to override
Click on yes or yes to all when it's done
Start the game up and it it rip
The borg fleets and any enamey force will die with so many ships on your side

Good luck and God speed

Thanks chris edmund

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#1 Kinetic_Penguins_LDR 2002-11-10 17:08
What does this DO?
#2 JKemp 2003-12-09 04:52
Guessing by the readme, it makes the Feds way overpowered so it's much easier to win. When will the power mods stop? :oops:

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