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Chris Larkin, 2006-02-25

A (from what I believe) second package for some Armada II improvments. Something that can be done easily (if you know where to look, and what to change), though an ok MOD.


Armada 2 basic Enhancer by Chris Larkin

After the relative sucess of my first mod, I decided to create one which enhances many more things in Armada 2. The list is:
1. Objects don't fade out (prevoiusly released)
2. Transporter range increased to 800
3. Decreased transporter delay
4. 10 Crew members per transport
5. Smaller grid squares(still beta, may not work)
6. Less Damage in SP (NOT NONE!)
7. More freighters around Dilithium moons
8. If have a mod of a ship, it will be updated even if you load a saved game with the previous version.
9. Planet's and Black Holes have a smaller gravity
10. Warp from any distance (previously released, improved)

If you are unsure as to what any of these do, please e-mail Me at chrislarkin@bluebottle.com
Installation: Just extract RTS_CFG into your root A2 Folder
I hope that the great people in the A2 Community find this just as fun as I do.
I may be a bit premature in releasing this mod, but I hope you like it.

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#1 Captain_Kirk76 2006-02-25 16:22
Nice Mod

Although many of these tweaks i have already performed on my own version.

But nice mod anyways

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