A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1e - Federation Pack A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1e - Federation Pack

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Curtis, 2007-08-07

This is the lastest pack for the A2 Upgrade Project following on from the Borg, Romulan and Cardassian packs. This contains some rather interesting hi-res retextures of the Federation along with their respective assimilation textures. The Aegean looks sweet, it has clearer and more defined textures while still maintaining it's spartan combat-orientated design. The Defiant retexture is a bit on the wild side with purple armour plates dotted on the main part of the hull. The Venture class scout is quite interesting too especially it's contrasting hull textures which look cool- white dorsal hull and metallic grey ventral hull. The Nebula's textures (notably it's saucer) look similar to a New Orleans rather than a direct Galaxy copy which makes the Nebula a bit more unique. The Iwo-Jima has a strange but cool gold NX type hull. Even the non-combat support ships have recieved a total makeover with the Repair and Construction ships looking the best of that bunch.

The planets are also included in this pack and they are really something else. The retextures of these planets are impressive.

All in all, it's a very craftly done retexture job for the Federation and if you are indeed an online combatant or a fan of the A2 Upgrade project then this is a must have download!! Excellent job Curtis!


A2UPGRADE 1.5.1e - Federation Pack

This set includes all new federation textures with matching borg assimilation textures.

Install: Simply copy all tga files to your textures/rgb directory.make backups if needed.

Credits: Rick Knox - Sovereign Class texture set modified by me for the stock models.
Dawn - Galaxy CLass texture set for nebula and galaxy class..modified by me for
the stock models.
Me - All the rest.

Also included is a new updated more realistic planet set.And also a new suns set.

An alternative pack will be released later without the shadow side effect.

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#11 SED 2007-08-09 10:24
I have downloaded this and i love it to death. It actually looks like the models have been replace lol but its just the textures that make it look a hell of alot better i give it 10/10 keep up the good work man. :D
#12 Curtis_R 2007-08-10 21:00

temp link until staff can upload the pack here.
#13 Chiletrek 2007-08-12 14:39

I like this pack, specially what you did with the capital ships, the Galaxy Class looks great and I may try to give that same saucer to the Nebby, no doubts it should looks great. :D
#14 Curtis_R 2007-08-12 19:30
NOTE: There is a crashing error that can occur when a scout ship is assimilated during gameplay.it roots from the file fscout_B_2.tga being the wrong size..it needs to be resized to 64x64 instead of 128x128.so after install be sure to open the file in any image editor that supports tga format and resize down to 64x64.then your game wont crash.
#15 2cdempster 2007-08-22 11:52
How do u use the mod i cant seem to get it to work bas its an rar file
#16 Curtis_R 2007-08-23 18:06
you need a program called winrar to unxzip the files..

www.rarlab.com/ download the demo version it will work just fine.

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