A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1d - Cardassian Pack A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1d - Cardassian Pack

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Curtis, 2007-08-01

And another A2U texture upgrade release by Curtis has arrived...

This one overhauls all textures of the stock Cardassian ships and stations. All the textures are of high quality and definitely enhance your A2's visuals.

Well, if you like one of the previous A2U releases this is a must-download for you Rock .

- TParis

A2UPGRADE 1.5.1d - Cardassian Pack

Install: Simply copy all tga files to your textures/rgb directory...be sure to make backups if you feel it is needed.

Credits:Remastered textures by me,and also David Wilkinson for being helpful with obtaining materials needed in work on this pack,and also in work on an upcoming/unnamed(as of now..) a1 update i am also working on that uses some of the work here in that project.



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#11 Curtis_R 2007-08-02 15:56
went by the stock textures arrays..they were light blue with a gradient on them.
#12 Freyr 2007-08-02 23:41
@Ntanel, Yes. Most of the people using the A2upgrades.net website are the online gamers, and they generally don't install -any- modifications to the game. For this reason I am waiting until Curtis has uploaded all of his work to date, at which point it can go in a single self installing file on the website and I will let everybody know that via the newsletter.
#13 Wundai 2007-08-05 03:03
darn thats 3 days ago
#14 Curtis_R 2007-08-06 17:35
this might be what you are looking for..


the latest pack..fed pack.

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