A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1 Final - Klingon Pack/8472 Refit A2 Upgrade Project 1.5.1 Final - Klingon Pack/8472 Refit

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Curtis, 2007-08-19

Yay, the final upgrade of Armada 2 Project 1.5.1 has arrived!

Curtis included his new textures of the Klingons, which look really good ingame. Only thing you may dislike is Bird of Prey, as it uses some unique texture Wink .

But Curt also decided to redo his Species 8472 textures and put them into this pack along with the Klingons. The ships haven't got any 'armor scheme' on their hulls and use more canon colors (at least those you could see in Voyager). You can still use the old Species 8472 pack if you don't like this one.

But if you want to keep your game lookin good this is a must-download for you! Rock
File won't be rated by me as being part of the A2U team.

- TParis

A2UPGRADE 1.5.1 FINAL - Klingon Pack/8472 Refit

This is the final update for the a2upgrade culminating with the klingons and as an extra a refitted 8472 pack that is more closely canon than that of the previous pack.

Install: Copy all tga files to your textures/rgb directory and be sure to make backups
if needed.

Credits: All textures remastered by Curtis

Enjoy :)

and this is not the last of the a2upgrades...expect a 1.6 in the future.

Curtis R. 2007

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