3,000 Ship Names 3,000 Ship Names

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Twitch, 2003-11-29

3,000 NEW ship and station names for A1 or A2.

A list of ship names for people making mods.

Just open it up.

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#1 j14 2003-11-29 21:40
ok is this realy needed. whats the point :thumbsdown: but some people need it

so 5/10
:borg: :borg:
#2 Hardyous_of_vulcan 2003-11-30 01:32
well, it could be usefulfor unimaginative people but other wise it is justt a novelty

(i downloaded i anyway) :-)
#3 MajorPayne 2003-11-30 07:07
J14. Wheres the point in wasting your time posting something so negative. If people such as Twitch don't take the time to do these things then the game would die so much sooner. So please STFU!!!
#4 Nateanite 2003-11-30 08:50
I agree with Major Payne. And I must say this seems to be a great idea.
#5 FileTrekker 2003-11-30 10:06
Yea i totaly agree. It is hard...ney...impossible to invent good ship / station names. a list of 3000 is like a god send, it means people will come up with good ships, stations and mods with names that will keep people intrested. Personaly i find a ships name the most important part, the name says alot about the ship.....
#6 Kahless 2003-11-30 11:18
I'd even find thid usefull for the Star Trek RPG.
#7 Capt_Molo 2003-12-02 12:39
well, i personally don't see the need for this, however, it would be usefull if you needed a lot of ship names in a hurry. or you are just sick of the ones in the game and you want to change them or something. :-)

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