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ArcherScott, 2006-05-02

Well... I'm not too sure what to make of this, in short, it's a combined Section 31 / Tal Shiar & Remans.

A nice idea, though this seems one of those "power races". Corbomite Reflector & Ion Cannon per one race is a little... "needy". However a good start, and for a full race it's not bad.



A huge civil war between the Romulans and Remans has had huge repercussions for the Star Empire. A new faction has risen out
of the ashes to stake their claim to the galaxy.

The Sporanis faction now rule Romulus and have already cut deals to ensure thier survival in the far reaches of space.
They have had help from many, all hidden deals and secret plotting as the turmoil is to some people's advantage.

The Tal'Shair have given the Sporanis a new weapon - the 'Romulan Reflector' a far more powerful version of the Corbomite
Reflector. They feel the Sporanis is better suited to rule Romulus. Of course this is because the Sporanis are vicious and
far worse. They sanction far more 'viable' missions that the Tal'Shair approve.

Venator class has been removed to make way for a new type of battlecruiser, Sela Class. A micro warbird that can get in
better places and uses 'velociraptor type attacks' on the enemy. They go in packs of three.

Martok's Neg'var was attacked and they stole his ion cannon. War will rage as they have also gotten some BOPs from thier ill
gotten gains but the Sporanis see trouble as opportunity. They trade with Ferengi who introduce them to card sharks where
one group won a batch of Jach'Eng ships in a game of chance - this could cause a shift of power.

Will the Sporanis Empire succeed where the former Star Empire did not? Will the Senate get back to power?

With Remans in their ranks, the new Sporanis are ruthless. They use what is best of both worlds. Their brutality shows in one
new special weapon the 'Bio Snatcher', Sporanis use clones for their marines. The DNA is taken from crew snatched from their
ships. The hosts are killed after.

Solar and transphasic torpedoes complete the weapons upgrade. Oblieration is the way.

Section 31 have joined them, splitting from the Federation to own the universe. Although Starfleet stopped them taking their
special weapon Instant Drive, the agents won't be stopped for long!

The universe has been jolted and the Sporanis intend to take the galaxy - by force is necessary!

To install the Sporanis follow the steps below and prepare for battle:
(Back up your files should you wish to uninstall)


Step One:

Locate the folder called Overwrite, there is a folder for ships and stations.

Open the Ship folder first and place all the odfs in odf/ships

Open the Station folder now and place all the odfs in odf/stations.

You will be overwriting existing files!!


Step Two:

Install new ships follow the same steps for each vessel!

To install each and EVERY class:

place odf in odf/ships
place SOD in SOD folder
place bitmap in bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages
place TGAs in Textures/RGB

** for Rconst2 please place const2.odf and freight2.odf in odf/ships as well

Do this first, transfer the files as above and then open your selected shipyard and add after last entry;
buildItemXX = "rdes"
buildItemXX = "rdead"
buildItemXX = "rval"
buildItemXX = "rconst2"

(XX = next number in sequence)

Save and now locate techtree folder and open

add these lines after last Romulan ship:

rdes.odf 1 ryard.odf // dactyl class
rconst2.odf 1 rbase.odf // new constructor
rval.odf 1 rupgrade.odf // valdores class
rdead.odf 1 rsuperbl.odf // deadly class
(align if needed)

replace battle2 with this line:
rbattle2.odf 1 ryard2.odf // battleship (sela class)

Now scroll down to the last Romulan special weapon and add:
solar.odf 0 // solar torpedoes
gcorbom2.odf 0 // romulan reflector
gbor.odf 0 // bio snatcher
(align if needed)

Save and close, now locate fulltech.odf and add after last Romulan ship;
rdes.odf 0
rval.odf 0
rconst2.odf 0
rdead.odf 0

(align these with current Romulan files except 'rconst2' this will be fine if over.)

And after the last Rom special weapon add;
solar.odf 0
gcorbom2.odf 0
gbor.odf 0
(as above)

Save and locate the Sprite folder and open gui_global:
After last Rom entry add;
b_rconst2 gbrconst 0 0 64 64
b_rval gbrval 0 0 64 64
b_rdes gbrdes 0 0 64 64
b_rdead gbrdead 0 0 64 64
(align if needed)

After the last special weapon entry add;
b_solar wsol 0 0 64 64
b_gcorbom2 gcorbom00 0 0 64 64
b_gbor gbbaabore00 0 0 64 64
(align if needed)

Scroll down to the wireframes and add after last Rom entry;

rvalw1 romwireframe01 0 144 48 48
rvalw2 romwireframe01 48 144 48 48
rvalw3 romwireframe01 96 144 48 48
rvalw4 romwireframe01 144 144 48 48
rvalw5 romwireframe01 192 144 48 48

rconst2w1 fedwireframe03 0 144 48 48
rconst2w2 fedwireframe03 48 144 48 48
rconst2w3 fedwireframe03 96 144 48 48
rconst2w4 fedwireframe03 144 144 48 48
rconst2w5 fedwireframe03 192 144 48 48

rdeadw1 klingwireframe02 0 144 48 48
rdeadw2 klingwireframe02 48 144 48 48
rdeadw3 klingwireframe02 96 144 48 48
rdeadw4 klingwireframe02 144 144 48 48
rdeadw5 klingwireframe02 192 144 48 48

rdesw1 klingwireframe02 0 0 48 48
rdesw2 klingwireframe02 48 0 48 48
rdesw3 klingwireframe02 96 0 48 48
rdesw4 klingwireframe02 144 0 48 48
rdesw5 klingwireframe02 192 0 48 48
(align if needed)

Except battle2 which you will simply need to overwrite by copying and pasting;

rbattle2w1 romwireframe04 0 48 48 48
rbattle2w2 romwireframe04 48 48 48 48
rbattle2w3 romwireframe04 96 48 48 48
rbattle2w4 romwireframe04 144 48 48 48
rbattle2w5 romwireframe04 192 48 48 48
(align if needed)


Step Three:

To arm Transphasic Torpedoes;

Open the Transtorp folder and place the following files in the right folder;
odfs to odfs/weapons/torpedoes
TGAs to Textures/RGB

Open Sprite folder and find weapons.spr and copy the new one over the existing one.

Go to folder sounds/ingame and place ttorp.wav in there.


Step Four:

Now you will place the Special Weapons ingame:

Open the SW folder and find Solar Torpedoes and place the following files;
odfs to odfs/special weapons
TGAs to Textures/RGB

The weapons.spr has already been ovwerwritten as above.

Go to folder sounds/ingame and place soltorp.wav in there.

Next go back to SW folder and find Bio Snatcher folder and follow the above steps by placing files in thier folder.

You only need to place gcorbom2.odf in odf/special weapons.


Now the Sporanis are ready. Remember, Obliteration is the way!!

I am hoping to make them a race by themselves but that will be in the next version! Also new sounds will be included.

**If you like the Venator and do not wish to overwrite it then just relabel all of files in the Sela Class folder
rselc. (odf, SOD, tga etc...)**

Credits as follows:

valdore class - Sod, textures and model BY DAWN.

solar and transphasic torpedoes v.3 - odfs, wav files, design and textures BY AGROBORG.

ACTIVISION for stock models, SODS and textures - I have tweaked files to get a more aggressive baddie unleashed!!

odf changes - ME!


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Downloads  611  Size  2.45 MB  Created  2006-05-02 



#1 techoid 2006-05-02 13:04
When I first read the title it looked like Sopranos,I thought hey a Spranos mod for Armada II LOL. :D I wonder what that would be like ,anyhow back on topic seems like a nice mod ,I will give it a try. :thumbsup: 8)
#2 techoid 2006-05-02 13:09
I meant Sopranos Mod . ;-)

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