Sub-Luminal Photonic Missile Sub-Luminal Photonic Missile

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draconis_sharp, 2004-12-16

This is a Sub-Luminal Photonic Missile that you can add to your ships in the game by Draconis_Sharp. An intresting concept and easy to install on any ship you want. its pretty good.

Sub-Luminal Photonic Missile weapon-mod by draconis_sharp

I thought this was a bit of an interesting concept. It was made out of just an idea and not really a necessity.
It should be compatible with any armada 2 mod; even fleet ops for A2 or any BI for A2. Of course, that's assuming you know what you are doing.

A simple install; just add all the files to the correct folders.
If you don't want to overwrite any existing modifications, then most of you will be experienced enough to know how.
If not, copy this to the weapon sprite file in the sprite folder:

# Federation Missle
fmissle missle 0 0 128 55 @anim=tex1x2

I know missile is spelled incorectly, but do it anyway or else it won't work right.

This is best as an anti-fighter weapon, but it can damage capital ship shields as well.
If you don't already know how to add weapons to ships, here is an example:

Open fbattle.odf with the notepad application and you will see this when you scroll down

weaponX = "fmissle"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"

For weaponX and weaponHardpointsX, put in an unused weapon number for X.
For "hpXX", put in a hardpoint number, such as one used with torpedos for XX.

That should be it. Contact me if you have any problems.

All credit goes to me on this one.


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#1 draconis_sharp 2004-12-17 10:32
Just in case you freak out because you can't open the file, know ahead of time that it is an .rar file. WinRAR is recomended for unzipping this type of file.

Any other problems, feel free to tell me.
#2 iamtriplec 2004-12-18 12:36
Still doesn't really say what is so special about it. Plus a screen shot would be nice if you can get one.
#3 draconis_sharp 2004-12-19 03:01
I can't really get any screenshots. I have a few hardware issues I need to deal with.

I know there isn't anything truely special about it. One of the points of using it is to come up with something for it to be used against. I use it against fighters and shuttles. Another thing about this is that it can be used in just about any era if you come up with an excuse for doing so. Older era ships may have used missles instead of torpedos and newer era ships may use them as anti-fighter weapons like I do.
#4 draconis_sharp 2004-12-22 11:24
Hmm... The forums are down. Oh well, I'll update here.

Armada 2.5 is currently undergoing major redoing in the texture and graphics department. I'm currently working on new shields, new explosion effects (noticably different), along with shockwaves for both the Borg and all other ships. Borg ships spew green when they explode and all others just have blue anti-matter/matter flowing out of them which also causes damage.
#5 draconis_sharp 2005-01-14 01:40
This missile is already outdated and the newer one is in STA2.5 Beta. I won't release as a stand-alone mini-mod unless I can find a new sod for it.

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