Realism 2380 Realism 2380

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Jeffrey Walker, 2005-02-16

This alters all the ships and stations in game and increases the build times, also it makes everything stronger.Its balanced very evenly, so it allows for a much faster paced and longer lasting game. Ships will no long be destroyed after only takin a few hits. A good little mod, well worth the download IMO.

Realism 2380 Mod
By: Jeffrey Walker
AKA: Voyagerd2001
AKA: Floridaguy74656

Just copy the files to your C:Program Files/Activision/Star Trek Armada 2/Odf folder and all the changes will take effect. Back up your odf folder before installing this mod.

I take no responsibility for any damage this mod may cause. I use it everyday and it causes me no problems.

Star Trek is Copyrighten to a company that doesnt take care of it and neglects it and lets it be run by 2 idiots Berman and Braga.

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#1 voyagerd2001 2005-02-16 14:59
It decreases build times not increases them. Let me know what ya think.
#2 johndavid240 2005-02-16 16:46
sounds like increases is they build slower and decreases they build faster

or it could sound like increase is faster and decrease is slower

which is it? i'm confused

do they build faster or slower?
#3 Deathbyteacup 2005-02-16 17:19
I think its decreases build times so there built faster.
#4 voyagerd2001 2005-02-16 17:45
Was just half asleep when I typed my comment I had just got home from work. I had a nap and can think now.

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