Parkoids Mod Parkoids Mod

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ParkoiD, 2002-06-26

This mod makes a few changes to the borg's regeneration speed, the sovereign's textures and weapons, and the debris stays longer

Parkoids Mod Version 1

This is a small mod, which changes a few things around, Note: You must have the the Armada Patch 1.1 installed.

[b]Whats been changed[/b]
[li]The Textures for the Soverign class ship have been enhanced, as has the weapons systems. (It can now take out the Galaxy Class)
[li]When a ship explodes, the debris will stay on the screen for longer.
[li]When you zoom in on a ship the ship will no longer fade to nothing.
[li]The Borg now regenerate much more quickly.[/ul]


Just copy all the files within the folder \"Parkoids Mod\" into the armada root directory.

Created by ParkoiD

Version  1.0  Author  ParkoiD  Website   
Downloads  305  Size  402.74 KB  Created  2002-06-26 



#1 Doom369 2005-04-16 17:27
sounds nice and more realistic

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