Movable Federation Starbase Movable Federation Starbase

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Cygnis Prime, 2002-08-05

This is a simple replacement of the fbase.odf file that makes Federation Starbases movable. I tried it, and its pretty fun Smile Be sure to make a backup of your original fbase.odf just in case you want the original back.

hank you for taking the time to download my addon.
I hope you will be pleased.

All you have to do really is to replace the .odf file with the
already installed with the game and you\'re underway. Forget a
Death Star when you can just make your starbase move!

Possible new changes would be the way the base moves... to make it
more realistic.

thank you again,
Cygnis Prime

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#1 JeriHansen 2002-08-06 07:41
i love this mob 10/10
#2 JeriHansen 2002-08-06 09:29
the starbase can't be killed how you meat to kill the emey febstarbase they don't die or is it just some wong with me compter.
#3 JeriHansen 2002-08-09 02:02
i find out how to kill it use temporal distortion on it than you can't kill it or a borg foson cube on it that does it
#4 Guest 2002-08-16 20:59
it works,but can you make another one that makes all star bases move?
#5 Deus1 2002-08-23 05:05
if u get the feengi pack a starbase replaces the pulse phaser thingy on the federation team and that can move but it cannot move when building ferengi ships
#6 isotopia 2004-11-02 08:10
Just so everybody knows they can make any Starbase or base facility move, just by doing the following:

- Go to your STA2 game directory/ODF/Stations

- Open _base.odf where (fill in the _ with f for fed, c for Cardassian, r for Romulan, etc.)

- Remove at the top: #include "station.odf"

- Add all of this at the bottom:

shieldDelay = 3.0f

rangeScan = 800.0f

damagedScan = 100.0f

footprintBuffer = 100.0f

repairYellow = 2.0f

repairRed = 4.0f

enginesRepairTime = 1.0f

lifeSupportRepairTime = 0.1f

weaponsRepairTime = 2.0f

shieldGeneratorRepairTime = 2.0f

sensorsRepairTime = 3.0f

enginesCrewLoss = 0.0f

lifeSupportCrewLoss = 10.0f

weaponsCrewLoss = 5.0f

shieldGeneratorCrewLoss = 15.0f

sensorsCrewLoss = 5.0f

lifeSupportLoss = 5.0f

is_starbase = 0

avoidanceClass = 1000

weldingRadius = 1.0

aiName = "StarbaseProcess"

fireball = "xfirebal"

facility = 0

has_crew = 1

has_hitpoints = 1

ship = 1

can_sandd = 1

can_explore = 1

physicsFile = "sconstphys.odf"

alwaysRecomputeRallyPoint = 1

- Then somewhere in the middle, look for the section where each system's HitPoints are, and add this line:

engine*****Points = 1000

and change this line:

engine*****Percent = 0.0f (or just 0)

with this

engine*****Percent = 5.0f

Your starbase will still do everything a starbase is supposed to do.

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