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Adm_Zaxxon, 2009-07-02

Adm_Zaxxon gives us a modified version of the Miranda class starship, exclusively for FleetOps. Actually, it's Pizza the Hutt's version of P81's Miranda, but the scripts and stuff have changed. So here you go.

This is my version of the Miranda Class for Fleet Operations is Designed to be a heavy destroyer, equipped with a anti destroyer pulse cannon, and a single phaser. First rank Allows a much better speed, and with more ranks it gets better weapons and defenses as well as its hull and shielding repair rate increased. Its Veteran Rank Refits it into the Saratoga Class. This ship has Duel phases, High hit points, and other special ability's. It is a very effective ship, and definitally worth its weight in latinum. I hop you enjoy it.

Well, so do we. Worth a look if you're a FlOpper.


Miranda Class Convirsion For Fleet

operations, 3.0.7

model of Reliant= P81/Rick Knox

textures for reliant= P81/Rick Knox
Model of Saratoga=Pizza the Hutt
Textures for Saratoga=Pizza the

Hutt(as far as I know)
Sprit files edited by RCIX
Build buttons, and wireframes, made

by me.
Odfs made by me.
Tooltips made by me
Extra credit goes to Tyler, RCIX,

And gerrysoul For Helping me to test

this, and giving me this task in the

first place. Oh, And all you guys at

File front for Your tourtorals, and

great models that hav given me the

ability to do this.

Not to mentine All The FO Team!

This is The first mod I have released,

and hopefully not the last. I will try

to update the files included when new

Patches come out for FO.

Alright, first add the ship to the tech


fed_miranda.odf (Here goes what

you think it should need to be built

but you can put 0 just to get it to


next, add all the files from this .zip

into their respective folders.

Including The

Dynamic_localized_strings.h, All

.odfs, the ship image, Sods, Sprits,

and textures

next, add the line

buildItem(next number) =


To whatever ship yard you want.
now, there is no build button, or

wireframe, or tooltip at this point,

but Don't worry we will do this later.

Permissions: PLEASE! use this in your

mod, edit whatever you want, Give

credit, But I would be overjoyed if I

were ti find this ship in someones

mod. I am but a Humble Christan

Modder, and I have neither the Right

nor the means to stop you from

stealing my work, but As such, I easly

forgive, and To be Honest I really

don't care :D

Thanks for downloading, and If you

need help foe can Contact me via the

Fleet operations Forum, or coments

for this download.
If you need help installing, Ask in the

coments, or have a look at this

thread, the one that started all this.




Thanks Again!

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#1 Adm_Zaxxon 2009-07-02 15:18
Hmm, I could have sworn I posted Screenies with this. I suppose you can go to the link in the readme www.fleetops.net/component/option,com_smf/Itemid,3/topic,5573.0/ to see what it looks like, and there are some textures without registries available there too. I'll update the textures when 3.0.8 comes out.

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