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Adm_Zaxxon, 2009-11-28

This is a small ship pack for the federation race included in the current version of Fleet operations. It adds four ships to the game some in warpin, some in yards, some with specials, some with passive ability's. they are all very good ships, and should all be complete. the included ships are the Flourish class, miranda class (updated), Galaxy EVO, and Achilles class.

This requires Fleet Operations v3.0.7 in order to run. This will NOT work in stock A2.


Ship Pack 1.0

Included: Miranda Class (buildable or warpin)
Achilles Class w/ special weapon NOTE: Achilles works for mayson only due to techtree restrictions
Flourish Class a.k.a. The Under Loved Experimental Pursuit Vessle
Galaxy EVO NOTE: EVO works for mayson only due to techtree restrictions

Credits in seperate file

More information for advanced modders and a already modded game included in the actual readme

If prompted to overwrite please
do so.

WARNING! This is for an unmodded version of Fleet operations 3.0.7, and will overwrite any currentaly installed mods.
I am in no way responsible for any harm done to your computer/game/or physical or mental well being, however,
I will do all that I can to fix any buggs that you may, and probably will find.


Add all the files from this .zip into their respective folders.


All odf's from the downloaded rar(found in the data/odf/system folder) should be pasted it your Fleetoperations/Data/odf/system folder

All textures (found in the texture folder) should be pasted it your Fleetoperations/Data/texture folder

All Sod's (found in the sod folder) should be pasted it your Fleetoperations/Data/SOD folder

All sprites (found in the sprite folder) should be pasted it your Fleetoperations/Data/Sprite folder

All Techtrees (found in the techtree folder) should be pasted it your Fleetoperations/Data/tectrees folder

The Dynamic_localized_strings.h, AND the events.dat files should be pasted in the main DATA directory (that is the one that contains all the other fulders just used)

Paste all thee files from the bitmaps folder in their respective folders in your Games bitmap folder the Same way you did the last files

If all was Done correctally it should work.

If you need any help or want to report a bug, or even just say how great this mod is just contact me via the fleet pos forums (

This is untested as a pack, so please report any bugs right away so I can get an updated version out as fast as possible

Thanks for the download!!!!!1!!!

Adm. Z.

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#1 Adm_Zaxxon 2009-11-28 18:33
ooh crud. I forgot the achilles pulse sprite in the fleetops.spr here is a link to the correct file than needs to be put in your game directory

sorry about that. I couldn't get anyone to test it until now, and they noticed the crash upon weapons fire
#2 _dEjavU_ 2009-11-29 00:19
I'm lovong that Flourish class, a very impressive design :thumbsup: with a few tweaks here and there I think this could be the next Federation ship on the community spotlight. :P
#3 Adm_Zaxxon 2009-11-29 07:31
just remember, I didn't design it, I just added it to the game

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