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Joelteon7, 2005-01-11

This is an Upgraded Borg Cube by Joelteon7. It can assimilate upto 10 other special weapons and has quick firing standard weapons.

Jolt's Mod:

Mini mod-Upgraded Borg Cube:

Installation: Simply place these files in the STA2 directory and overwrite! (Fail that, go one step further into the strcuture to find the odf folder, copy that, replace yours and voila! (Note, this only works for stock games or mods that don't affect this particular ship etc.))


Ship odf
Phaser, torpedoes and special wepaons odf.

What it actually does:

Just to show my modding is aactually happening, this is version 1.0 of the standard borg cube (i say 1.0 as I may get some new textures). It has 24000 hull points, quick recharge rates and numerous special weapons. It can assimilate upto 10 other special weapons and has quick firing standard weapons.

The phasers do 600 damage and fire with a 0.2 recharge rate. That means it takes 0.2 seconds for the phaser to recharge. Why 600 damage? My Akira is 710 hull, you see in First Contact akira's being whooped so I wanted to give it the theory that, they wouldn't be destroyed immediately, but two hits would kill it.
The torpedoes do 650 damage and fire with a 0.3 recharge rate. As above, it takes 0.3 for the torpedoes to reload. I have also made the torpedoes smaller to go with accurate torpedo sizing.

The ship looks the same, but form the enemy's eyes it won't (well, they're sensors will already be destroyed!)

This is NOT a God ship. it takes 2 minutes to build and costs a LOT of resources (10000 dilithium, 15000 metal and 5000 crew). Getting one of these on the field will make you powerful but every ship has its weaknesses! To make it more trek accurate, its system hitpoints are exactly equal as to spread out the damage (like it would do if it was real).

You may not like the speed of the weapons, but in numerous episodes, like scorpion, you see a borg cube spin round and fire torpedoes VERY quickly. You might not like this as i said, but I believe it makes it accurate. I don't mind if you wish to use this is in a mod (its just odf editing, nothing special) or whatever.

By: Joelteon7 (
Modding Time: 10 mins
Whether or not its worth the download: Uh huh
Fun Factor Using it: A Cube that's like...and I hope you do too.

Please look out for the upcoming release of Jolt's Mod: The Federation and Klingon Forces coming to a download site near you!
If you have any problems please feel free to ask me using my e-mail address above.

Copyright of Star Trek and all relevant releases.

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#1 Joelteon7 2005-01-12 06:56
Any comments? Likes/Dislikes?
#2 Ultimate_Dragon 2005-01-12 07:06
NO SCREENY!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsdown: (but otherwise fine)
#3 Joelteon7 2005-01-12 08:24
I didn't think it required a screenshot as it was just an odf change..but if you want, check out my thread and scroll down the page :-)

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