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Thrillhunter, 2005-12-19

It seem's that this modder just doesn't want to mine with those damn stations (and who really likes doing it, espeically when they're taken down by three cruisers). Well, here's your answer: ships that mine the metal.

I think it's safe to say it's simple but effective. So, if you like the Borg way of getting the metal, this will appeal to you or, if you think some races would/wouldn't use those orbital stations, I suggest you get this to pick and choose. First mod too, so, not bad I say, well done!

This is a mod to allow your mining freighters to mine metal as well as the normal dilithium and latinum for Fed,Klingon,Romulan, and Cardassians.


Install instructions:

Extract the following files to your program files/activision/star trek armada II/odf/ships folder


Extract the following files to your program files/activision/star trek armada II/odf/stations folder


And that should allow you to mine metal from planets now at a much better rate than the orbital station. I've ran 5 mining ships with one mining station and it did great.
Have fun!!

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#1 archerscott 2005-12-19 14:40
A good simple first mod. :thumbsup:

I've never liked those orbital stations. Even when you kill all the crew they still circle round and round until you finally blow them up! :mad:
#2 MajorPayne 2005-12-19 23:56
Well strictly speaking I'm not sure why this isn't a default option in the game. A good first attempt and something thats not been released previously. Seems like I'll be adding something else to my mod, that I hadn't thought of......Now wheres my credit listing!!??!!
#3 AdmarilRyan 2005-12-20 02:25
I agree this is one of those things Activision got wrong when they made the game. The next step is for planets not to be mined but realistic sources of metal in space, espically in the case of inhabited planets. In mutiple episodes, I believe they have had to evacuate a planet/moon/asteriod for it to be mined.
#4 Beginner 2005-12-20 02:58
I know this will make me seem silly, but when I tried to make this a while back I couldn't get it working. Nice job. And AdmiralRyan - your on to something there. Perhaps...yes, this file get's a 9.
#5 Joelteon7 2005-12-20 03:36
@3 + 4 = You'll find that when the Federation were dealing with the Cardassians, mostly in TNG, there were a few changes to agreements and so the Fed's were forced to move out. Whilst you don't know what these settlements have been used for, there is usually a good indication that these planets are "high in mineral resources", so it does happen. Making that happen on a game though, well, that's another matter.
#6 SpaceMaster 2005-12-20 08:38
Good idea, but it is much easier to just stick a few starbase pulse phasers on the mining stations. Three cruisers won't take it down takes more like ten. Still, a good first mod and I like the green collector beam.
#7 Besancon 2005-12-20 12:20
First they give the borg orbital stations, now they give everyone else the ability to mine with ships!

Good work, very original.
#8 Thrillhunter 2005-12-24 09:23
Glad everyone likes my mod so far. I just thought those stations were way too slow and needed something better. Also, one add-on note, my mod seems to work best on the rock planets like in my pictures. The larger planet mine at about the same rate as the station since the mining frieghters move slow. I could have sped them up a tad but then you would have had to add another file.. soooo..LOL Hope everyone enjoys :-)
#9 Shadow51689 2006-05-09 14:56
Good job for your first mod!

(But that's what you arm your mining stations for! The armed orbital platforms by Capt. Steve are a must in my game lol. I do tone their guns down though a bit.)

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