Machine Gun Defiant Machine Gun Defiant

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WASAAP, 2002-11-02

Hoo-yea! With this mod the Defiant fires it's pulse cannons at 500 MPH Biggrin

Wonder why anyone didn't think of this earlier...

this mod changes the fire rate and the sound of the defiants pulse weapon to
make it look and
sound like a machine gun. i think it sounds cool.

nothing! just double click the installer and vuala it will install itself!


everything by Wasaap (me)

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#1 _borg_drone_ 2002-11-03 04:56
does it do lots more damage?
#2 stoko981 2002-11-03 12:19
I assume, which'd hurt you more, if I shot you with 1 bullet or 500?
#3 WASAAP 2002-11-03 14:50
it does way more damage. i doubled the damage per shot and changed the shots per sec. to.......well allot. youll see if you try it. i made it look like and sound like a machine gun. so it fires rapidly.
#4 WASAAP 2002-11-03 16:20
my mod is 3rd in the top 10 list! cool!Rock
#5 Iggy 2002-11-06 17:57
Could I use this idea in a mod of mine. Ive already got a chain-link cobalt torpedoe weapon working, so this would be a good touch.
#6 WASAAP 2002-11-07 05:24
go ahead. just give me some credit for the defiants pulse fire. ;-)
#7 csi_denver 2005-08-14 20:25
da_mn dude now thats what i call some fire power now the defiant i gto acualy acts more like the real thing great job !!Drink
#8 USS_Mouse 2006-02-19 14:08
I think I just did the same thing by accident :P

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