Jetfreak's Ship and Retexture Pack Jetfreak's Ship and Retexture Pack

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Jetfreak, 2009-08-20

Jetfreak does retexture work like no one else. That much is plainly obvious just from the PotDs he can produce. And we've all wondered, from time to time, "how DOES he do that?" Well, now's your chance to add some seriously fantastic looking re-texture work from A2Files' resident expert on the subject. All .ODFs (balanced to stock) and .SODs are included, along with buildbuttons and admirals' log pics.

This pack includes the following ships:

Aegian Class by Dan1025
Akira Class by Aad Moerman
Centaur Class by SB34
Constellation Class by Fireball_IV
Constitution TOS-XI Hybrid by Fahres
Forerunner by Aad Moerman
Luna by k_merse
Renegade by SB34
Ronin by Aad Moerman

The included Constitution re-texture uses the "JJPrise" textures by WileyCoyote, as you've no doubt seen in the forums. That on its own would be one of our most downloaded files-- but with the rest thrown in, you get one hell of a lot of awesomeness in one .ZIP file.

Download this one right now.


Jetfreaks Ship and Retexture Pack

- Essentially a ship pack and retexture mod combined into one, this release features several previously released items which I have edited for personal use. Most of the items included features edits ranging from minor cosmetic changes to full fledged retextures.

- As requested, the original sods and odfs are included.

- One of the highlights of this release is a specially textured model of Fahres Constitution Model. Which now sports WileyCoyotes JJprise textures.

- All ships have been balanced to stock Armada 2.

- Unfortunately, wireframes are not included. You can retain the original ones if you have any.

Retexture Info and Model Credits:

Aegian Class by Dan1025
- Improved hull contrast and revised hull details.

Akira Class by Aad Moerman
- Addition of minor cosmetic details, improved material settings by Dan1025.

Centaur Class by SB34
- Full retexture using Rick Knoxs Excelsior and Miranda Textures. Overall look is the pre-TNG configuration.

Costellation Class by Fireball_IV
- Improved hull color and new nacelle grilles based off Rick Knoxs Miranda.

Constitution TOS-XI Hybrid by Fahres
- Full retexture of Fahres model with WileyCoyotes JJprise texutures. (Special release dedicated to the awesomeness of STXI)

Forerunner by Aad Moerman
- Edits to hull color and addition of new deflector.

Luna by k_merse
- Minor hull edits, all new nacelle and deflector lighting.

Renegade by SB34
- Fully retextured with LC Amarals Excalibur Textures. Ship Class has been upscaled and reimagined as a multirole explorer type. Also an ancestor to the Enterprise-J development.

Ronin by Aad Moerman
- Edits to hull color plus details and new material settings by Dan1025.

Buildbuttons and Admirals log pics by Jetfreak

Installation: (Requires rudimentary modding skill)

Installation Method 1: (To add the ships as a new buildable unit.)

1) Back up the original files you will replace first. This is always a must.

Legend: (Use accordingly, apply to all models)
fship.sod = model
fship.odf = odf file

2) Open the SOD Folder and put the fship.sod in the folder

3) Open the odf/ships Folder and put the fship.odf in the folder

4) Open the Textures/RGB Folder and place the all TGA files in the folder

5) Open the bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages Folder and put all bitmap files in the folder

6) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fship.odf 1 fyard.odf

7) Open located in the techtree folder and add the following line:
fship.odf 0

8) Open the odf/stations folder, open any shipyard or station then add under the list of builditems
buildItemX = "fship" ( The X stands for the next number on the list)

9) Open gui_global.spr located in the sprites folder and add the following line: (make sure that they are aligned properly)
b_fship buildbuttonfilename 0 0 64 64

Installation Method 2: (To replace the existing unit. If you already have these items installed)

1) Back up the original files you will replace first. This is always a must.

2) Replace the textures and sods

3) Rebalance the vessel's odf accordingly.


If you want to use any of these items in any of your mods, please contact me first via or

If you encounter any form of errors, please refer to the files comments section, Filefront Gaming Forums or

- Jetfreak

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#1 _dEjavU_ 2009-08-20 11:51
Excelent work Jetfreak(as usual ;-) )and well done fella's, these ships are fantastic!
#2 Intrepid781 2009-08-21 05:46
First I want to say this looks friggin awesome and second I'd like to say holy ****monkeys does your ST11 enterprise really look that amazing?!
#3 Starblade. 2009-08-21 05:58
Technically it's not the ST:XI Enterprise, it's the original Constitution class starship with ST:XI textures. And it looks fan-freakin'tastic ingame.

#4 Doom369 2009-08-21 13:16
I like the changes done to the Akira, Ronin, and Constellation. Everything ells looks good too.10/10.
#5 Nova_Star13 2009-08-21 18:14
First off the ships in this pack are amazing. :D I did notice one minor error. When I loaded up the Constitution Hybrid into Storm 3D I noticed it was untextured. I found the prob and it seems that the Texture set was simply misnamed. Instead of "fwnuconstitX" (X standing for the texture number) the textures should be named "fwnudefstitX". Hope this helps others out there who want to use this fine ship. Again amazing work Jetfreak :-)
#6 Andreaz 2009-08-22 04:01
Unbelievable how good Armada 2 can look!
#7 Omega_Mod_God 2009-08-22 09:14
Oooooo... I like! I really wish I can see an awesome retex of the Manta class. Because it is one of my favorite modding ships. ;-)

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