Jetfreak's Federation Buildbutton Pack Jetfreak's Federation Buildbutton Pack

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Jetfreak, 2008-06-15

It's been a very, very long time since we've seen a buildbutton pack, but Jetfreak has graciously supplied the buildbuttons he's made for his personal version of A2 here for us!

Personally I think he should keep goin' and give us buildbuttons for EVERY ship out there, but he's got better things to do, obviously.

Ships included:
Akula class, Apollo class, Banshee class, Carolina class, Challenger clas, Cheyenne class, Constellation class, Constitution refit, Excalibur class, Excelsior-B class, Niagara class, Renaissance class, and Springfield class.

Definitely worth a download. They look great and we don't get enough of this small, utility-type of file in the past while. I wish more people would devote themselves to the seemingly-insignificant detail corrections for A2. The average modder isn't interested in your ever-so-perfect total conversion. They'd rather do it themselves. And some modders (like myself) can't make a buildbutton or a wireframe. So having those who can put their efforts into giving that to the community makes all the difference.


Jetfreak's Federation Bulidbutton Pack

- This is a small collection of buildbuttons that I've made for my personal mod. It only seems fair that I'd release them for general public use :)

Files included:

- Thirteen 64x64 TGA Files
- One JPEG Screenshot
- One TXT File


All buildbuttons were created by Jetfreak using Storm-3d and various image editors.

Creators of the original ships is as follows:
Akula - Gavin1701
ExcelsiorB - Dawn
Apollo - Pizza the Hutt
Banshee - MajorPayne
Carolina - MajorPayne
Challenger - MajorPayne
Cheyenne - Tycoon
Constellation - Capt. Fingers
Constitution Refit - Capt. Fingers
Excalibur - Tycoon
Niagara - MajorPayne
Renaissance - Pizza the Hutt
Springfield - Tycoon


- Place all TGA files on the Textures/RGB Folder.
- Open the gui_global SPR file and follow the following template for buildbutton installation:

Template: b_nameofsod buildbuttonname 0 0 64 64

Sample: Fakula Akula 0 0 64 64

I hope you enjoy this mod, cheers!
You can use this background in any of your mods. Just make sure you give the proper credits.

- Jetfreak

Version  1.0  Author  Jetfreak  Website   
Downloads  525  Size  260.79 KB  Created  2008-06-15 



#1 thunderfoot006 2008-06-15 08:32
Thanks for taking time to do the little things that make a good mod a great mod. I am always a little disappointed when someone cannot be bothered to place buttons and wireframes in a mod. It doesn't take away from the mod but it doesn't add to it either. By doing these buttons and sharing them with us, you've been a huge help. 10/10
#2 dEjavU001 2008-06-15 15:38
Yeah Jetfreak! Thanks for this Excalibur build button man, I was getting sick and tired of using that gray looking excalibur build button to build my white excalibur class starship.Awesome!!Rock
#3 Doom369 2008-06-15 19:13
Thanks. I need some of these buttons. I have white or blank boxes for some of my ships. 10/10
#4 TNG20 2008-06-15 21:28
I love these and i would love to see someone do a Luna Class build button and wireframe.

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