Jeffery Garris's Armada Mod Jeffery Garris's Armada Mod

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Jeffery Garris, 2003-09-02

The new version of his Star Trek: Armada mod

Jefferys Armada1 Mod v1.9 ,for Star Trek: Armada


copy and paste these files to the designated folders in the Armada directory
copy the events.odf to the Armada folder (its not in a subfolder)

changes: adds the Galaxy class to the game. buildable at StarfleetHQ.
makes all hero ships stronger and more balanced
changes AI slightly. the computer will no longer build battleships' special weapons, superweapons, or cloak detection.
added 8 new maps from the single player campaign, with hero ships.
allows you to start with hero units in a random map.
changes instant action music to the campaign music.
adds new icons you can use anywhere. got icons from
fixed Gamma Eridon map and made slight changes to other maps
added tooltips to all ships (if you hold your mouse over a ship youll see a description now, instead of just the class and spc weapon), no other changes were made to the regular ships
added 4 new maps, changed omega2, slight changes to other maps
changed AI slightly, it will no longer build artillery ships
removed science ships offensive weaponry from AI (Shield Disruptor,Ultrium Burst,Ion Storm,Pyschonic Blast,ect.), also removed the Griffin's Sensor Jammer
^a note about AI- removing a weapon or ship from the AI does not keep you from building it. it doesnt even stop the AI from building them, it just wont decide to. the AI "changes it's mind".
removed the Assimilator and Suq'jagh classes from the AI
I decided that 1000 shield strength was to much for the Galaxy class, making it almost as strong as a Borg Cube, so i lowered its shields to 850 (thats stll 100 points more than the Sovereign)
added 2 new maps and edited the old ones
added Intrepid class to Federation shipyard
replaced Enterprise-D with USS Odyssey, Ambassador class
added new map with Ambassador class (i put it on a map because its not buildable)
added desktop pictures for your enjoyment (one for each new ship ive installed, thats only two for now)
made slight adjustments to other ships
made slight adjustments to other maps
*added Borg Tactical Cube

limitations: with this mod installed you cannot play the single player campaign, and you cannot play in multiplayer unless your opponet has the exact same mod


my mods are on,, and

*this mod contains everything i've made as of Wednesday, July 16, 2003

credits: Trickster of Armada Universe who's really helped me alot with everything, i couldn't have done any of this without him
the Star Trek In Sound and Vision web site where i got the icons and tons of other cool stuff the official Armada web site where i got most of the utilities to create this mod
the Intrepid class was made by Chris5110uk2k i got it from
the Ambassador class was made by Porty, i got it from
i got the voices for Spock from
the pictures are from &
the Borg Tactical Cube was made by markderoo, i got it from

i am not affiliated with Activision, Paramount, or any websites ive listed
no copyright infringements are intended
all works are my own ideas, or requests from others
please email me if you want to edit my mods, or use them in your own mods
this mod is not to be sold, bought, or traded

Version  1.9  Author  Jeffery Garris  Website   
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#1 8472pinkblobs 2003-09-02 09:30
looks godd accept for the "lesser" AI
#2 MajorPayne 2003-09-02 15:12
Mr Garris. Just a few things you may want to take into account:

1) Folder structure. The RGB part of the folder you've named should be a sub folder of the TEXTURES folder, so in actual fact it should be:


The AIPs part of the AI+AIPs folder should be a sub folder of the AI main folder:


2) Crediting. I would suggest rechecking a couple fo your credits. The odf's may have been edited by those you mentioned but the actual models are from other people:

- Ambassador model and texture were actually made by 9 of Nine.

- Intrepid class model and texture was either 9 of nines or Deemons (I believe it was more likely to be 9 of nines as the mesh was exported inside out, even though it still works).

Now with regards to the Tactical cube. Hmmm, well it looks okay but isn't exactly accurate as the cube did not have the same armour on all six sides. Still its okay I suppose.

As for the actual mod. A very good try and some useful additions, editings. Might come in handy for someone, although with the above couple of folder problems installing the mod might be an *****!!! Kudoes though :thumbsup:
#3 Porty 2003-09-04 17:22
I definetly agree with what the Major said!! I didn't make the Ambassador, I only converted it to A2. As I said in the readme, all credit goes to 9 of Nine!! :D

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