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Bread4311, 2005-09-24

Some edits of the bases for all Armada II races, that adds some special weapons to the bases. Download if you like.

this is an update for my previous MOD. after talking it over with the peps at filefront fourms i decided to edit the other stations.

they can now build their individual race's scout and destroyers.

put the fbase, bbase etc. into the odf/station file, make a back up of the original files (just in case)

place the tech1.tt in the tectree folder (make a backup of this to!!)

some of the stations now have special weapons:

the borg nexus now has the ability to assimilate ships and technolagy. (alot more canon Star Trek now)

the klingon Starbase can now fire a Plasma cannon.

the federation base can use the steamrunner Engine Overload.

if there are any problems let me know and i'll get back to you. "hf61daniel@hotmail.com" or "bread4311@yahoo.com"

i don't mind this being used, just be polite and ask me first. (a brief description of what you want to do is prefreable but that's up to you, i don't care.)

Cheers to:

twitch1, pualhanseluk and wrathofachilles for the feed-back.

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#1 Bread17 2005-10-13 12:38
47's not that bad of a number for a simple odf edit. me being bread4311
#2 Bread17 2005-11-02 02:16
66 is okay, from my point of view.
#3 NeithanAgarwaen 2005-11-10 12:03
Any chance of editing the cardasian, romulan, borg, and klingon starbases to make the scout and destroyer in a construction yard thing? like the federation one? And include an auto installer perhaps?

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