Elite Force Hazard Team Elite Force Hazard Team

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Captain Future, 2002-08-11

This is a pretty cool mod. It has a new ship with it that carries a hazard team. It even includes sounds!

//////////// Hazardteam ////////////////////////
//////////// Spezial/special Waffe/Weapon ////////////////////////
//////////// von/by CaptainFuture ////////////////////////
Benutzung auf eigene Gefahr!!!
Use of your own risk!!!

ODF und WAV Dateien ins ADDON Verzeichnis, TGA Dateien ins TEXTURES/RGB.
ODF and WAV files in the ADDON, TGA files in the TEXTURES/RGB directory.

SOD Datei ins SOD Verzeichnis.
SOD file in the SOD directory.

In der TECH1.tt Datei fhteam1.odf 0 eintragen.
Insert fhteam1.odf 0 in the TECH1.tt file.

Einfach die Zeile (*) in euer gui_global.spr eintragen.
Simply put the line (*) in your gui_global.spr.

Ein Schiff bewaffnen und los geht´s.
Arm a ship and let´s rock.

# Special weapon buttons
b_fhteam1 gbfhteam 0 0 64 64

Dank an/Thanks to:
SOD Datei/file von/by Captain Fingers (AIRTRAM)

Diese Waffe ist in Englisch oder Deutsch zu haben, einfach die
fhteam1.odf Datei anpassen!
This Weapon supports English or German language, only change the
fhteam1.odf file!

Viel Spaß.
Have fun.

CaptainFuture MdF/MoF STGN und/and STAMODS
email: captainfuturedepot@yahoo.de

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#1 Capt_Barbarian 2002-08-11 19:02
well munro its time to go back to work LOL!
#2 Reg 2002-08-31 09:50
It is really good!!
#3 Tanner_6984 2002-10-11 22:28
It won't work in my armada please someone help me!
#4 Tanner_6984 2002-10-12 11:30
How do you alter Armada 1 to accept this program
#5 Captain_Reisen 2003-02-26 11:29
Due to the nature of Armada I, there is no techtree to permit the addition of some vessels. Also, some of the weapons do not exist in Armada I and attempting to use an invalid weapon class (e.g. klingoncommandoteam or gengyemt) will cause the game to crash.
#6 Guest 2004-04-19 13:09
I thought that the Klingon Commando Team was ALREADY an Armada 1 special weapon.
#7 Zeig 2005-05-22 21:10
looks cool
#8 csi_denver 2005-08-14 21:39
lol i just have to download this one ive got both 1 and 2 of elite force munro kick a**

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