Dragon Master's Second Modpack Dragon Master's Second Modpack

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Dragon Master, 2004-10-03

This modpack will add a "superstation" to each race. They all have their own construction ships and weapons. Species 8472 and Romulan starbases move from place to place, and the weapons have extreme range, so they may fare on things on the other side of the map.

For the sake of a shorter, easier to load webpace, several lines have been deleted from the readme.

Mod name: Dragon Master's Mod Pack #3
Build Time: 4 hours
Modder: Dragon Master (duh)

All are taken from other mods or created by myself. The following were created by myself:

Romulan Mothership
8472 Advanced Mother
Cardassian Advanced Quantum Facility
Advanced Romulan, Cardassian, Klingon, and Borg Construction ships
Sniping phaser
Long Phaser
multi-targeting phaser,pulse, and photon
Two new Federation Turrets
Klingon Advanced Starbase

the other stations and stuff in this mod are:

Omega Starbase (federation)
Klingon Advanced Trading Station
Borg Unimatrix
Wallace minelayer (the federation's advanced construction ship)
A version of the Scimatar (i made an odf w/out hit point map but it looks fine)
The moonbase with added mining ability

To begin, place all files into their corresponding folder. If you already have changed your Gui-Global, Tech1.tt file, or Weapons.spr file, add the following to those files:

For the sake of a shorter, easier to load webpace, several lines have been deleted from the readme.

You are now done with the modding process. Now all you have to do is build an advanced construction ship to be able to build an advanced Base.
Unless of course you are species 8472 or romulan, your advanced base will not move at all.
Be warned that if you create an advanced station, it will fire spontaneously continuously if it sees an enemy within 4100f. Just kill the enemy and it will stop.
I would suggest building the moon base over a regular orbital mining station as it also has long range phasers and will last longer.

Legal Stuff:

This mod is not supported by Activision. Star Trek and all its affilates are owned by Paramount.
I am not to be held responsible if this screws up your computer. However, this has been tested and no bugs as of yet have been found.
You may use this mod in your own mod just give credit to me.

Speaking of credits:

Thanx to the following modders:

Moonbase mod- Rassilon, Quevey, Methos00
Minelayer mod- BullZi, Mr_Krazy, JkerPlay, Activision (Venture Class)
Original Spacedock (Omega Starbase) - 9 OF NINE, the MeDici@n
Scimatar mod -Adam Kitchin, Phantom
Unimatrix - Mega Modder, Unknown
Klingon Advanced Trading Station Mod - Maddoc, Darkdrone, Operative34997, Qapla

Contact Info:

I now may recieve emails at : GalaxyExplorer89@aol.com
Or you may go to http://s3.invisionfree.com/Java_and_Html and request help from Dragon Master (me, duh)
If you cant do either of those two, just post your problem under the mod itself. I cant reply but i can read what it says and can fix.
I may have left a few things out of the file as im not feeling well. If i did, contact me and ill try to fix.

Version  1.0  Author  Dragon Master  Website   
Downloads  806  Size  3.13 MB  Created  2004-10-03 



#1 SHERMAN2 2004-10-04 06:13
I put the ten up there.
#2 Adrimal_Jeebus 2004-10-12 11:33
10 out of 10, it kicks *****!!

This is worthy of *****milation, adding techonlogy 1639 to the hardrive :borg: :borg: :borg:
#3 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-10-20 12:18
well im glad yall think this is a good mod, i sent my last but largest (15.6 mbs on dial up isnt fun!) mod pack off today so look for it soon! :-)

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