Dragon Masters Mod Pack #4 Dragon Masters Mod Pack #4

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Dragon Master, 2004-11-16

This is Dragon Masters fourth mod pack, and contains motherships for Borg, Klingon, Federation , 8472, and cardassians, new or edited maps featuring Omega Tactical and Ultra Fusion Cubes, a modded Omega Starbase, AND The Ultimate Promthesis-X class with the ability to destroy an Omega Tactical Fusion Cube and live. Smile Some quality work. Download now!

Author: Dragon Master
Build Time : 5 hours

Welcome to my fourth mod pack. In this mod pack you will find:

Motherships for Borg, Klingon, Federation (i redid my previous one), 8472 (redone advanced mother using the xindi aquatic vessel), and cardassians.
New or edited maps featuring my Omega Tactical and Ultra Fusion Cubes. (There is a planet mod included you need to install b4 using. You are also going to need my OTFC and UFC mod as well.)
Modded Omega Starbase

And the moment the Federation has been waiting for:

The Ultimate Promthesis-X class with the ability to destroy an Omega Tactical Fusion Cube and live.

I hope you enjoy this mod as it was mainly geared towards getting the Federation to be more powerful than an OTFC.
Oh and this time i have a few screenshots to go with each mod, whether it be for the admiral's log image or just a screenshot.

Also, the Tech1, Gui-Global, and weapons.spr file for all of the mods included is right here in this folder.
U will not need to do anything to them if you are using mine.

Legal Stuff:

Install at your own risk! This is not supported by activision. Star Trek is owned by Paramount Pictures.
This has been tested in game


Sod file from loknar class mod : Wrath of Achilles
Orignal Stardock mod (Omega Starbase) : 9 of nine ( i think...)
Promthesis-X class (THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING A GREAT SHIP TO MOD!!!) : sherman2
Xindi Aquatic Vessel: sherman2
Original Borg Base Map: Unknown

Contact info:

any problems? email me at GalaxyExplorer89@aol.com
or go to the Modding Editing forums and post your problem and i can fix as well.


Version  1.0  Author  Dragon Master  Website   
Downloads  1,167  Size  6.89 MB  Created  2004-11-16 



#11 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-11-17 12:03
i do feel a bit better, thanx. and im glad MOST people like this mod... and this is Prom-x version 1 modded not 2
#12 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-11-17 12:06
who needs that type 18 disruptor? i forgot to update the file in this pack that actually makes in take out an entire sector... ill just put it with another mod....
#13 SHERMAN2 2004-11-22 08:50
leave the poor weapon alone!


Worf: The implosion has produced a level 12 SHOCKWAVE.

not supernova!

*voice of Willian Shatner*

Denny Crain
#14 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-11-30 08:18
you ruin my fun! now there's no need for a latinum bomb! just take my modded version of the explosion!

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