Constellation Class Retexture Constellation Class Retexture

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Jetfreak, 2008-07-06

A fantastic do-over of an old model,;6837 .

Jetfreak has left no detail untouched with this superb texture, giving new lease on life to a six-year-old model. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we need to see more of here at A2Files-- maybe it's not as fancy as something brand new, but sometimes a new take on an old model is just as glorious. and this is some awesome proof of that.

I downloaded this via Project ACOM some weeks ago and it looks really good in-game, too. You won't realize how much you were missing from the old model until you see this.

Get this one today!


Constellation Class Retexture

- Born out of K_merses need for a new Constellation, I took up the job to retexture Captain Fingers Constellation rather than to make or port a new model as K_merse originally planned. The end result turned out to be superb so I decided to release it.

- Borg Textures are also included

- I have also made a new Admiral's Log pic to match with the textures


Retexturing: Jetfreak
New Textures: DR_McCoy1701A
Lightmaps: Dan1025


To install: (Remember to backup)

Open the textures/rgb folder and place the constallation.tga and constallation_b.tga files to the folder.

Open Bitmaps/Admiralslog/ShipImages folder (make sure the pics filename matches the sod name)

You're good to go!
You may use this ship in any mod, just give the proper credits.

- Jetfreak

Version  1.0  Author  Jetfreak  Website   
Downloads  565  Size  862.91 KB  Created  2008-07-06 



#1 Transmission 2008-07-06 10:34
For a retexture, you wouldn't think this was the same ship. What a brilliant job you've done Jetfreak. You've truly shone on this one. ;-)

I commend you.
#2 starfleetcommand3 2008-07-06 10:43
Everytime a build it, It crashes.
#3 Starblade. 2008-07-06 18:09
^ More than likely, that has nothing to do with the retexture. Try loading it in Storm3D to see it.

#4 starfleetcommand3 2008-07-07 07:18
That always happens to me when I install it.
#5 adm_tyler 2008-07-07 10:15
Fine for me

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