Cloaking Turrets Cloaking Turrets

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Kahless, 2002-10-02

Similiar to Kahless' first mod, this time it's Cloaking Turrets Smile

Just extract these files to your odf/stations directory, and the turrets for each race can cloak.

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#1 The_Geek 2002-10-02 15:11
Hey Kahless, go make 100% cloakable bases. When I say that, I mean shipyards, research facilities, bases, turrets, and sensor arrays (very crucial).

Just think, a cloaked ship warns you of a massive armada coming your way, just cloak all your stations. Wonder what the enemy that thought you were there will say... (Pray for no Phoenix, Jach'ching, or the soon-to-be Normandy class vessels.)
#2 Kahless 2002-10-02 15:51
I am working on getting all stations to cloak, but i don't have very much free time, so it will be a little while before I can finish.
#3 blackdeath 2002-10-02 20:35
if the one hundred pecent cloakable base is made why not leave the defends uncloak or have a romualn frigate with its weapon imagine 20 bases firing but no one knows where from
#4 Simmo666 2002-10-03 09:49
You cant fire while cloaked :roll:
#5 Guest 2002-10-03 10:09
well alter the code of the game i made ships fly thru astroid fealds :roll:
#6 Mr. Greg 2002-10-03 13:01
Ever heard of the Romulan's Cloak Enhancer?

With a little bit of effort, it may be possible to make cloaked ships fire.
#7 rspeerstra 2002-10-05 05:19
if you need cloaked races....

ive already cloaked my full game

all races that mean

need one race?

email me

#8 Guest 2002-10-05 09:32

In your comment you wrote that you made ships fly through Astroid fields.

1)How did you do that?

2)could you email the 'mod' to me?

Captain henk,
#9 Admiral1030 2003-07-11 04:38
And i get them to cloak, how

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