Cloaking Starbases Cloaking Starbases

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Kahless, 2002-09-30

Just a small mod that makes all starbases (Even 8472's Mother) Cloakable Smile


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#1 voyager009 2002-09-30 19:17
hehe i tested this out on my game once.... long long ago :-)
#2 Kahless 2002-10-01 05:17
the readme didn't zip with the rest of it, so here it is. Unzip the 8472 mothership to the odf/ships folder. Unzip the other files to the odf/stations folder.
#3 Guest 2002-10-05 16:43
And what about cloak detectors.If you get caught floating to an enemy base without shields you can kiss your motership godbye. :thumbsdown:
#4 Matt_el_G 2002-10-06 16:12
then you decloak... :roll:
#5 Mr. Greg 2002-10-06 17:56
Matt took care of it ;-)
#6 Tamada 2006-10-26 11:44
its funny Pimp
#7 chaotic592 2010-08-15 19:09
i will try it it looks good good work

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