Cloakable + Movable Federation Starbase Cloakable + Movable Federation Starbase

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ClaesStefan, 2002-10-06

a federation starbase which can cloak and can be moved and also increased fire power. However, cannot fire while cloaked.

Well, It's his first mod, and every modder takes first steps Smile

Hopefully we'll see some more complex .odfs from him in the future Smile

Well just put this file into the odf / stations directory and enjoy.

Created By ClaesStefan with orginal mod from Kahless

Version    Author  ClaesStefan  Website   
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#1 Guest 2002-10-06 11:49
how?? can u do it for A1 can u tell me
#2 ClaesStefan 2002-10-07 03:09
Well, since I don't have A1 it's difficult for me to know how it works fot A1.

But I will investigate it.
#3 Iron_Fist 2002-10-11 12:22
Why not give it a weapon that allows it to makes a wormhole like the Transient Rift? Come on, give me a laugh! :D
#4 ClaesStefan 2002-10-21 03:49
Iron Fist, special for you i created a version 2.0 of it which has a slipstream drive and phase cloak.

However for now the base can't enter slipstream while cloaked so.

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