Zala Cruiser (A1) Zala Cruiser (A1)

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Adam_Atlantian, 2007-01-26

Exactly the same as the A2 Version:;75230, just this one being for Armada I

- Ash

Zala - Veendeni Heavy Cruiser

This is one of the better ships I've done from the Star Ocean Universe. Of course it's never seen or mentioned in the game it's just a design I came up with. It has two Disruptors and a torpedo and the Transport beam which is basically an Auto Assimilator.

Now there's a ship to against the Calnus. :)


--Model by AdamAtlantian.

--Textures were borrowed from Star Trek Armada Alliances and the Millennium Project.

Wrath of Achilles <wrathofachillesAThotmailDOTcom>
Millennium Project <unable to get a hold of anyone but texture rights go to that projects team>

--Transport Beam SOD from STA Alliances.

--ODF files created by AdamAtlantian.

===Installation Instructions for Armada 1===

--Step 1--

Copy all the ODF from the Addon folder to your Addon folder in the Armada Root Directory.

--Step 2--

Copy all SOD files to the SOD folder in your Armada Root Directory.

--Step 3--

Copy all TGA fles from the RGB folder to the Textures/RGB folder in your Armada Root Directory.

**That was the easy part. Now comes the unpleasantness.**

--Step 4--

Open the sprites folder in the Armada Root directory. Find the gui_global.spr file and open it. Find the following line:

# Romulan build buttons

and below it add this line:

b_vcruise1 HCbb 0 0 128 128

Now scroll down to the this line:

# Special weapon buttons

And add this line after it:

b_tbeam tbeam 0 0 64 64

And now Scroll even further down to this line:

# Ship Wireframes

and add the following line underneath it (I'm not very good with wireframes):

vcruise1w1 rwcrus1 40 0 40 40

Once all lines have been added save and close the gui_global.spr file.

--Step 5--

In the sprites folder find and open the Weapon.spr file. Find this line:

# Klingon Photon torpedo
kphoton wphoton 64 0 32 32 @anim=photanim

and add the following:

# Veendeni Photon torpedo
vphoton vphoton 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

Now scroll down to this line:

# Romulan Pulse phaser
rpphaser wpulse 0 64 128 32

and add the following:

# Veendeni Pulse phaser
vpphaser wpulse3 0 64 128 32

Save and close the weapon.spr file.

--Step 6--

Find and open the lights.spr file. Scroll to this line:

# amber lights
@sprite_node yellowconst AmberMulti const (1,1) (1,1,0)
@sprite_node yellowconstbig Ballflare flicker (2,2) (1,.8,.8)
@sprite_node yellowstrobe SmallStar strobe (.5,.5) (1,1,0) billboard
@sprite_node yellowstrobebig RedMulti strobe (1,1) (1,1,0) billboard
@sprite_node bigbillboard Ballflare flicker (1,1) (1,.8,.8) billboard

and add this line:

@sprite_node gcglowl softglow const (5,5) (0,0.2,0.3) billboard

Save and close the lights.spr file.

--Step 7--

Find the and open it. Add the following lines to where ever you want:

vcruise1.odf 0
tbeam.odf 0

--Step 8--

Lastly, choose the shipyard you want this ship built from. open the yards ODf and find the section that describes what the yard builds and add the following line:

buildItemX = "vcruise1"

(X=the next number in the build list.)

That Completes the installation of the Zala Heavy Cruiser.

All texture credits go to the Millinum Project and Star Trek Alliances. With out which I would be in big doo doo since I am a terrible texture maker.

I do not own Star Ocean.
Any questions or Comments? Give me a yell at:

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