Star Trek: Armada 1.1 Patch Beta Star Trek: Armada 1.1 Patch Beta

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Activision, 2000-04-14

Beta update to version 1.1 implementing various fixes and improvements.



  • Many compatibility issues with a variety of cards including: Geforce, TNT2, Intel 810 and others.
  • The Klingon Shockwave has received a new effect.
  • The Borg Transwarp Gate now functions in a different manner. It costs one bubble to activate and will drain at a constant rate. You can turn it off to conserve energy and reuse it before it is fully charged.
  • The Gravity Mines can now be fired while cloaked.
  • Special Weapons can no longer be targeted under the shroud.
  • Artillery can no longer target things that are out of the player’s shared LOS.
  • The Construction Ship's build menu has been reordered making it easier to use
  • Made several multiplayer map changes to augment game play on these maps.
  • A memory leak in the Mulitplayer shell was plugged.
  • A bug in the Single Player shell, which created strange behavior in the mission progression, was fixed.
  • General Multiplayer stability fixes.
  • Addresses compatibility issues with certain CD-ROM drives.
  • IPX was added as a new option for LAN games.
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