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Utility2.png Star Trek: Armada 1.0 Intel 810 Fix

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This patch is beta software, and ONLY for users with an Intel 810 video card. Do not use the patch if you do not use this particular card. The patch should fix all issues Intel 810 owners have been experiencing.

 Activision 2000-03-04   966.61 KB 1,088 Comments: 0

Utility2.png Star Trek: Armada 1.1 Patch

(3 votes)

This patch fixes problems with TNT2, GeForce, Intel 810, and Riva 128 3-D cards. Addresses a number of bugs, which include allowing gravity mines to be fired while cloaked and making the sensor jammer more effective by preventing ships from firing at what they cannot see. There are also single-player mission changes and a host of other improvements.

 Activision 2000-05-11   2.34 MB 3,093 Comments: 0

Utility2.png Star Trek: Armada 1.1 Patch Beta

(0 votes)

Beta update to version 1.1 implementing various fixes and improvements.

 Activision 2000-04-14   2.04 MB 1,289 Comments: 0

Utility2.png Star Trek: Armada 1.2 Patch

(298 votes)

This patch updates Star Trek Armada 1.0 or 1.1 to version 1.2.

 Activision 2001-02-13   3.69 MB 156,830 Comments: 17