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Utility.png A2 Map editor launcher

(4 votes)

This is a new map editor launcher from DMKP that simplifies selecting an existing map using the map editor.

 DMKP 2007-12-14   123.27 KB 2,241 Comments: 7

Utility.png Armada 2 Map Editor Files

(31 votes)

For those of you who may have gotten the Star Trek Action Pack game pack thingy might have noticed that it doesn't include the A2 map editor.

 Sweldon 2003-03-26   10.39 KB 12,016 Comments: 23

Utility.png Armada I + II Map Editor Launcher

(26 votes)

Here is the author's description: This program lets you open Armada .BZN Files with the Mapeditor via double klick.

 Gleacer 2003-06-06   108.91 KB 5,040 Comments: 9

Utility.png Armada II Map Editor Manager

(14 votes)

This is a VERY usefull tool for map makers! This till will load the maps from your bzn directory, and then load a list, so you can just select any map…

 Unknown / Anonymous 2005-01-11   5.29 KB 4,852 Comments: 7

Utility.png Dominion Map Editor Addon 1.1

(5 votes)

This adds all the Dominion and Breen ships/stations (now including the wormhole station) to the map editor.

 Kahless 2003-07-28   2.46 KB 1,575 Comments: 4

Utility.png Map launcher v2.0

(3 votes)

This PRG Let you open Armada BZN Files with the Mapeditor via double klick. It now opens Armada 1 and Armada 2 Files.

 Gleacer 2003-03-02   108.07 KB 1,827 Comments: 3

Utility.png STA Map Editor

(14 votes)

Hear is a map manager an editer for armada2 kind of like fleetoperatiosn has ther but this is for Armada2 it ses it works with Armada1 too i am not s…

 Sidyous 2003-08-29   70.80 KB 4,003 Comments: 14

Utility.png Star Wars Map Editor Addon

(6 votes)

Simply unzip these files into the odf/other folder, and you can place the ships and stations from Star Wars: Fleet Command on your map .

 Kahless 2002-09-22   2.69 KB 1,413 Comments: 6