Add Ships To The Map Editor Add Ships To The Map Editor

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Major A Payne, 2002-08-04

This is a tutorial on how to place new items in the Map Editor. From Payne himself:

Basically I noticed a thread on Armada Universe forum requesting how to add additional items to the map editor. I had actually split out the ODF's from the main ODF directory for my own usage, so you'll find there are additional files in the zip which are for my mod.

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#1 Guest 2002-08-31 12:09
#2 Mr. Greg 2002-08-31 13:39
Why is he advertising our sister site? Who knows...

#3 Guest 2002-08-31 18:08
i think that is me.and i'm "advertising" your sister site because i like putting up links.
#4 Guest 2002-08-31 18:10
how do people put those things up if they aren't on the menu with all the face's?
#5 CommanderClarke 2002-10-18 11:23
It's true, if you're gonna spam at least do it properly :borg: :assimilate:
#6 Guest 2003-09-17 09:27
ok im a noobie at modding and i downloaded this....but in the tutorial it dont say where to put the folders...can ne1 help me? thnx
#7 sejen 2003-11-05 13:22
No.6, before you start panicing I sugjest you take a good look at your existing A2 files in the odf folders (use notepad)

The file called editmenu.odf is the first level in the map editors menu system.

Also look at the files in the ships and stations folders.

Try downloading "westwoods big book of modding" (It's on this site somwhere).

It contains more info than you need, but it does tell you what most of those files do / are!
#8 delta1135 2007-01-28 22:01
Sejen posted about the westwoods big book of modding. I can find it!
#9 Sovereign_73811 2010-03-03 18:11
I gave the tutorial a basic overview months ago, and I don't think he included map editing since the tutorial mostly covers ship creation...

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