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ModelStarbase.png A2 Unimatrix

(21 votes)

An excellent, more Borg-like replacement for A2's Unimatrix.

 Mega Modder 2002-11-16   247.70 KB 4,758 Comments: 10

ModelStarbase.png Armed Borg orbiter and new tech assimlator

(3 votes)

This Borg pack includes new textures for the technology assim, and, if you download in the next 15 minutes we'll include an armed orbital station at n…

 Unknown / Anonymous 2004-06-26   1.40 MB 1,303 Comments: 0

ModelStarbase.png Borg Doomsday Facility

(6 votes)

This is a very cool file. It will replace the Borg transwarp gate with The borg version of the Rommie's superweapon.

 Twitch 2004-06-26   1.13 MB 1,255 Comments: 2

ModelStarbase.png Borg Nexus and Turret Textures

(3 votes)

This mod will make the Nexus and Photon turret look a little different, mainly a bit greener.

 Twitch 2004-03-15   2.94 MB 757 Comments: 4

ModelStarbase.png Borg Orbital Base

(7 votes)

This allows the borg now to have a miner that stays in orbit

 Micheal Raab 2002-06-10   60.80 KB 2,051 Comments: 6

ModelStarbase.png Borg station pack

(0 votes)

This folder contains the borg stations. Some stations I recreated, of others I edited the mesh. All stations have new textures.

 Aad Moerman 2011-12-27   24.01 MB 545 Comments: 1

ModelStarbase.png Borg Tactical Battle Array station

(7 votes)

Need a Borg station that can transwarp around the galaxy, and build bases where ever they please? Then you will want to check this mod out.

 Yacuzza 2005-03-31   1.46 MB 2,282 Comments: 5

ModelStarbase.png Borg Transwarp Hub 1.0

(8 votes)

Do you know about that Borg speical weapon, the transwarp gate? Well, this is an extension on that weapon.

 Sherman2 2004-10-14   351.66 KB 2,680 Comments: 30

ModelStarbase.png Borg Transwarp Hub

(6 votes)

Hes Done it! A Massive high poly super Mega Borg Superweapon!!! This has like 13+ Gates! So cool, this is Going in my game for sure, DOWNLOAD!!! DOWNL…

 Yacuzza 2005-05-29   1.21 MB 2,554 Comments: 0

ModelStarbase.png Central Unicomplex

(20 votes)

Unicomplex is the largest and most important Borg structure. It is believed that the Unicomplex known as Unimatrix Zero One located in the heart of…

 Yacuzza 2005-04-23   615.64 KB 3,842 Comments: 8