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peanutbutter, 2008-04-08

This is a finished version of the 304 mesh we have on the site. This version includes everything but the admirals log picture, however thats fairly easy to rectify.

As to the quality of the mesh, I am a strong beleiver of the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words so take a look at the pictures that are attached.

This is the BC-304 from the tv show, StarGate.

Author: Peanutbutter

Her polycount is 2655, not too much, or too little. I could have reduced another 50 or so poly's, but i am lazy and it really won't make any difference in gameplay.
Also, if you look closely, you will notice some problems with the model itself, but this is not my fault, it happened while exporting from wings to OBJ, then to Ultimate Unwrap followed by Milkshape and finally .SOD. I have solved this problem for the most part, by exporting to 3DS rather than OBJ, but it leaves too much triangulation, which makes it very difficult to UV texture/map...
Anyway, i'll get to the point, most if not all of the problems will be solved in the next release, or the one after that. C:

She is currently armed with Railguns, but they don't work the way i intended them to. The missile hardpoints are there (check the odf for details) but' the missile weapon is not included, because I am still working on it.
It will have it in the next release. I might also do a texture update in the future, because the current textures are allright but not exact, like you seen on the show. Unfortunately, for the textures, my skills arent' there yet, but i'm working on it.
She also has a speed boost function, or better known as "Military Thrust" on the show.
I have included a really cool missile takeoff sound and two railgun fire sounds (which are alright).

Also, if, in the process of installation, something goes horribly horribly wrong (sets your computer on fire.., burns your house down, you're left a homeless bum, and at which point your gf leaves you), than don't blame me, its' my first mod.

For Installation, extract all files in the Armada directory.
Insert, BC304.odf 0in Tech1.tt and Fulltech.tt
Insert, mthrust.odf 0 in Tech1.tt, in the federation special weapons section.
Insert, buildItemXX = "BC304" in the station of your choice, replace XX with the correct build number.
I don't think i missed anything... And if there is any problem, yell, and maybe i might hear you (seek help in the forums, i'm there every few days).

Also, permission is required before using her in any mod.
Email, "san00014@yahoo.com"

...There, you're done, enjoy, and may the force be with you.

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#1 meda 2008-04-08 14:33
keep up the good job

downloading now :-)
#2 Karle94 2008-04-09 05:10
The best 304 ever to be on my armada II 10/10
#3 Chief_Chainsaw 2008-04-09 16:05
Looks great, but I'll wait for the final version. i do believe you've hit a home run on your first time at bat!
#4 Grodie 2008-04-10 08:25
Sweet! It is done at last! Great work.

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