Romulan Re-Texture Romulan Re-Texture

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Joelteon7, 2005-12-18

This is a Romulan Re-Texture by Joelteon7. This basically changes the stock Romulan race to have much improved textures. I like the effect this has, it makes the Romulan ships and stations feel clean and look much smoother. This mod is worth the download for any Romulan fan!

Romulan Re-Texture

Mod benefits

Retexture of the stock Romulan side inc. all bases, ships and a slight (probabaly un-noticeable) change to the transporter texture.

They've been changed to a slightly more sleek and sly design, so if you don't like this, I recommend not to download this, still, you can pick and chose which particular ones you want to use.

To install, simply copy or cut the contents of the main mod folder into your Armada II textures>>RGB folder and overwrite. Please make a backup though as you may decide to stop using these textures or simply for safety of mind.

Remember, these are not new models by any means, but a cheaper way of making them look better, and in some cases, I certainly think they have a very big improvement.

Contained in .rar

Rommie Retextures folder
5 demonstation pics

Activision & MadDoc team for the original textures which I thought could do with being "beefed" up.


I do not mind anybody using these textures again so long as I'M CREDITED IN THEIR README! I won't kill you if you don't but it's jsut the polite thing to do and it hardly takes any time.

Gameplay Issues

These textures have been tested in 2 Armada II game folders and I can assure you there are absolutely no bugs in them whatsoever, however, if you do encounter any problem's (which I doubt) please feel free to contact me at the below way's. If you have any other issue's in general about the game that are mainly coding queries or problem's, please feel free to contact me there.


If you like like this...try:

-Armada Alliances
-Twilight Beta (Borg and Species 8472 Pack)
-Borg Incursion 2 and 3 module's
-Elrond's Elven ship pack and designs

In the event of any necessary contact then please use the following methods:

- WEB : and ask for "Jolt"

Thankyou for downloading this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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#1 Joelteon7 2005-12-18 16:20
If you guys like this, I might attempt at doing something else for the Klingons too :D
#2 Stu_1701D 2005-12-18 17:07
I'd like to see something like this for the Federation
#3 Temporal 2005-12-20 02:15
There are enough federation re-do's so a Klingon would be great please! :D These look cool, well done! 9/10!
#4 AdmarilRyan 2005-12-20 04:26
I grant to jolt 10/10 + :donut:
#5 Joelteon7 2005-12-20 05:33
Stu, might I suggest Ghost's Compilation Mod, that has pratically all the stock ships and stations either made better or replaced. It would mean you wouldn't be able to play online (unless somebody else has that on) but it would be far superior that anybody could do when trying to upgrade those horrible stock Fed. textures.

I just remembered too, I won't be doing a Klingon one, a little surprise to hopefully come soon, I might do Species 8472 though, give'em a nice new coat perhaps.
#6 DARK_HUNTER335 2005-12-25 20:29
Nice retextures! They look much more canon to real Romulan ships and stations, going to download now!Drink :P
#7 theStarfleetKid 2005-12-28 10:04
This is some glorious mod. The Star Empire never looked so good.

Awesome work, Joelteon7! Rock
#8 Joelteon7 2006-01-01 16:09
Glad you guys like it :D

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