Romulan Negh'Var Romulan Negh'Var

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t_Beta_t, 2005-01-04

This is a Klingon ship that has been captured by the Romulans. It uses the same model and sod, but it is a nice try for a first-timer.

Romulan Negh'Var by t_Beta_t

P.s Be kind this is my first mod.

Place Rneg.odf into star trek armada/odf/ships

PLace Rneg.sod into star trek armada/sod

now open

find romulan ships and add Rneg.odf 0

do the same in full tech Rneg.odf 0

save and close.

now open gui_global

under Romulan build buttons

b_Rneg gbkbattle2 0 0 64 64

Under Romulan Wire frames

Rnegw1 klingwireframe01 0 48 48 48
Rnegw2 klingwireframe01 48 48 48 48
Rnegw3 klingwireframe01 96 48 48 48
Rnegw4 klingwireframe01 144 48 48 48
Rnegw5 klingwireframe01 192 48 48 48

finally add this to any station of your choice and replace the x with a number.

build itemx = "Rneg"

Also i am not reponable for ny damage to your computer, or game.

Contact me if you can make good models becuase i can't, i need some textures changed

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#1 MajorPayne 2005-01-04 17:49
A good effort for a first attempt and way to go on not diving in the deep end straight away. How would yoda put it......"Good things in the future, I see for you"
#2 Captain_Reisen 2005-01-05 03:30
Not bad, certainly not as bad as some files I've seen (I made a brand new ship by adding exactly one phaser that was included in the game already!)

Keep at it and you'll be an expert modder in no time.
#3 Ultimate_Dragon 2005-01-05 09:06
i began just like you...... ah good times..... but i think that you could learn some things if you havent already by taking a look at other's mods and thier techniques. It waz Payne's and SHerman's that taught me to do models after all... :roll:
#4 Commodore_Wolf 2005-05-26 22:44
Good idea, I haven't d/led, but if Major said it's good, then by gum, I'm sure it is. I would also like to reiterate Dragon's point. Look at other people's mods. I've been looking at Major's for a while and I still don't think I've learned enough to release a mod on my own. Keep it up, though! You're on the right track.
#5 jetnova16 2009-05-24 23:54
I really thought it was a Klingon Negh'Var-class vessel that the Romulans captured or got in a exchange of technology but what you gave the Romulans is really a Klingon Qeh'Ral-class vessle, defently not a Negh'Var. I'd try again if I were you or if you can tell me how you did this, I'd create my own. E-mail at

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