Romulan Fighter Romulan Fighter

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|AXiN|, 2004-08-29

This is a small Romulan Fighter from SFC2 and ST:Shattered Universe. It is not powerful at all and, simply, is a workerbee with a pluse weapon. The model is well done, and it reminds me of the droid fighter from Star Wars. This is a great addition to any Romulan collection. It also includes wireframe and a buildbutton.

This is the Starfleet Command 2 Romulan Fighter.

All credits go to Taldren, except for the actual conversion from MOD to SOD, which was done by me - |AXiN|

to install:
put rft.odf into the /odf/ships folder
put rft.tga, rftwire.tga and gbrft.tga into the textures/rgb folder.
put rft.sod into the SOD folder.
copy and paste the following into ryard.odf:
builditem8 = "rft"

copy and paste the following into your gui_global file under romulan build buttons:

b_rft gbrft 0 0 64 64

copy and paste the following into your gui_global file under romulan wire frames:

rftw1 rftwire 0 0 48 48
rftw2 rftwire 48 0 48 48
rftw3 rftwire 96 0 48 48
rftw4 rftwire 144 0 48 48
rftw5 rftwire 192 0 48 48

open file in the techtree folder. add this to the romulan section:

rft.odf 1 ryard.odf // romulan fighter

add this line to under the romulan section

rft.odf 0

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#11 Joelteon7 2006-08-06 04:39
Avatar, you need to give it crew so that the damage textures don't come up.

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