Romulan Defiant Romulan Defiant

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Jason Hensley, 2002-10-16

This adds a few weapons to the defiant. No apparant texture changes.

Romulan Defiant

Romulan spies managed to steal tech specs for the Defiant class starship. Outfitted
with not only a cloaking device, it also carries a cloak enhancer, and a holo-emitter to destroy
the Federation.

1. Unzip the files to where you can locate them easily
2. Open your Armada II directory
3. Place the sod file in the SOD directory, and the ODF file
in the ODF folder
4. You'll want to open up your Techtree folder, then open fulltech. Add the line
rdef.odf 0
Then save.
5. Then open tech1 and add this line
rdef.odf 1 byard2.odf
to the romulan ships part of tech1, then save.
6. Open up the Sprites directory and open up gui_global. Find the part where it lists
the romulan ships and add this line.
b_rdef gbrdef 0 0 64 64
then save.

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#1 Guest 2003-12-05 14:14
You do remember that the Defiant was a Romulan ship to start with? Right?
#2 johndavid240 2003-12-05 14:24
technicly it was federation on service loan to the romulan ( fed design, rom cloaking device to spy on the dom )

#3 Commodore_Wolf 2005-05-26 20:34
The Defiant class was designed by the Federation in response to the Borg invasion resulting in the m*****acre at Wolf 358. The USS Defiant NX-74205 was first of it's class. In response to the growing Dominion threat, the Romulans lent a cloaking device to the Federation for the sole purpose of installing it on the Defiant to spy on the Dominion. This was overseen by a Sub-Commander of the Imperial Fleet. I don't remember what her name is.
#4 Jaeih 2006-07-04 19:36
Jason, I could not find an E-mail address for you. I am trying to find two more different sets of pictures of the Romulan Defiant. (Which I believe is the Romulan Nierrh Class Escort) If you could send me at least one set of pictures of your Romulan Defiant, I would send you a set of pictures of my Romulan Fleet's Romulan Nierrh Class Escort. Are you interested? My E-mail address is:

If I could get another set of this Romulan Defiant in two different color schemes then, I would finally have my three different sets of pictures!! Maybe a color scheme of Black (with a bright background, say, a Nebula or Star System, to be able to see it) and one of brown or Romulan green. Mine are are in a Romulan green color scheme but, there still could be different shades of Romulan green, too.

Please advise and thank you for reading my requests!!

In His Service,


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