Romulan Cruiser Pack Romulan Cruiser Pack

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Aad Moerman, 2007-10-21

Have you ever got tired of those old stock Romulan Griffin and Raptor ships? Here are two very nicely done replacements by Aad Moerman, complete with reworked weapons. Both ships are very well done and come with new models, alpha channels, Borg textures and meshes. If you want something new, or are a big Romulan fan these ships will not disappoint! – K7A

I learned that my latest file with edited stock sod-files of Romulan cruisers caused some problems.

So I decided to create new mdells and textures.This pack includes:

2 ship files
1 weaponfile

The ship SOD and ODF files and the ShipImage files will replace the stock files, so make a backup, just in case.

Put the sod files into the sod folder. Put the rcruise1 and rcruise2 odf files into the odf ship folder.
and the tga into the texture RGB folder. ( I include the MS3D files for those who are interested.)
Open Bitmaps --> open Admiralslog --> open ShipImages and put the images there.

Open the weapons odf folder --> open the Photons folder and put the rc1phot and rphotono files in the folder. When asked to replace the excisting file, click OK.

All meshes, textures etc. are by me.

As allways, thanks to Wrath of Achilles for his Texture Tutorial and Major A Payne for his SodTutorial. Special thanks to Ash.


Borg textures: Yacuzza

The rc1phot and rphotono files are adaptations from stock files.

Please note:
I cannot be hold responsible for any damage or problems otherwise regarding this model.

You may use this ship in your mod, just give credit where its do.


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#1 dan1025 2007-10-21 08:37
Very nice ships and textures :-)
#2 TNG20 2007-10-21 11:46
Very nice ships!! Can't wait to see more especially a D'deridex or maybe even some Reman ships.

#3 AdmarilRyan 2007-10-21 14:18
I think it's really good your replacing the romulan ships that alternatives aren't already avalible for such as the venator, draconarius, griffin and raptor. The D'deridex, talon and shike for example already have a douzen models avalible for them.
#4 Chiletrek 2007-10-21 14:27

It is awesome to see new alternatives in a race a bit of "left behind" when compared with other races like the Federation.

The only thing is the textures are a bit of dark, but that doesn't take the job and the awesomeness to see a new model of one of my all-time favourites the Griffin :-)
#5 Doom369 2007-10-21 19:08
these models are interesting and cool but i'm partial to my retexture for the stock Raptor. I'll use them any ways. Nice work like the rest of your stuff.
#6 thunderfoot006 2007-10-28 16:03
Installed these and they really added some oomph to the Rommies. The first time I installed them, they showed up in the Storm3D Viewer as lights and glows only. The game crashed. I am not sure why. I pulled them and put them back in and the game worked. I didn't change anything except these ships. Still, they work now and they are really fun. Thank You.
#7 Doom369 2007-11-21 00:12

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