Rnara Class Warbird Rnara Class Warbird

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Ultimate Dragon, 2007-06-02

This supurb ship would stand among the high class of the Romulan Star Empire. A brand new design (one of Altoms), created and textured by Achilles (fab work he did) and then converted to Armada II by Ultimate Dragon.

A wonderful piece of work this is Wink

- Ash

~Rnara Ship Addon

This ship is one of the many expected to result from the Achilles exchange. It was originally the
Rdnara class.... but somewhere along the lines the "d" disappeared XD.
The Rnara class is basically a Griffon class with pulse phasers, but it also has
very pretty contrails with it. Included in this conversion mod are the require ship files,
a build button, admiral's log picture, and wireframe.

1. Copy over the files provided to thier respective locations

2. Open up tech1.tt. At the bottom, add these lines:

//Achilles Shipyard ;)
rnara.odf 0

3. Open up your favorite shipyard (preferably Romulan) and add this line:

buildItemXX = "rnara.odf"

Where XX is the number in the build list

4. Open up GUI_Global.spr and add these lines underneath the federation build buttons:

//Achilles Shipyard Stuff
b_rnara rnarabuild 0 0 64 64
rnaraw1 rnarawire 0 0 64 64

5. Enjoy

Conversion to Armada 2 by Ultimate_Dragon
Design by Azel/Atolm
Model & Textures by WrathofAchilles/Achilles

Feel free to use the contents of this file in your own mods so long as credit is given, permission does not need to be aquired.

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#1 Tazuren 2007-06-02 19:51
What does it look like when assimilated by the Borg? See, I like to play the Borg and I'd like to see that this looks like when assimilated before I get it. Still I give this two thumbs up for it's sheer awesomeness! :thumbsup: :borg:
#2 Ultimate_Dragon 2007-06-03 09:10
<_<" Uhhh..... I forgot to add Borg Textures........
#3 AdmarilRyan 2007-06-03 09:20
Borg textures are uncannon anyways, when the ENT-E is largely assimilated yousee very little on the outside to sudgest it.
#4 AdmarilRyan 2007-06-03 09:21
btw, awesome ship design
#5 Chiletrek 2007-06-04 09:12

Awesome ship!, I always like Atolms designs :-)

Borg textures should be included (a patch maybe?), they are maybe uncannon, but if you see a ship with nodes you say: "Oops!", and I like that :D
#6 charlesb924 2008-01-29 20:22
nice looking ship

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