Ragnorak Ragnorak

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Solid Snake, 2006-09-08

Well, some people say that we don't have enough Romulan stuff for the site. And here is another ship to make them happy Wink - A Romulan Cruiser (what looks to be built from the frame of a Klingon BoP).


Project Designation: ...uh.. lets say Warlords Modding Union

Built for use in Armada 2
Notes: This model should have been aquired from armadafleetcommand.com or Solid Snake's
Wedsite. If you have aquired this from another source, then this material has been
abused by that unauthorized source. If this material has been abused then contact me,
Solid Snake at Gray_Fox0001@hotmail.com.

(make backups of original files)
Instructions: put the "RJavelin.odf" in the "Ships" ODF folder.
put the "RJavelin.sod" in the "SOD" folder.
put "RJavel3.tga" "RJavel4.tga" and "gbrjavelin.tga" in the RgB folder
in the texture folder.

add the following line in the "Tech1.tt" (found in the tchtree folder)
RJavelin.odf 0

then add this line to the "Ryard2.odf"
buildItem4 = "rjavelin"

add this line under "@reference=64" to the "Gui_Global.spr" found in the "Sprites" folder
b_rjavelin gbrjavelin 0 0 64 64

you should now be able to build this ship in Armada 2.

Model Designation: ChR "Ragnorak" Javelin Class
Model Classification: Romulan Battleship (BB)
Series Number: RBattle2
A 500m long Warship with a 650m wingspan. Built to fight Federation and Klingon
aggressors. Ultra Dence Hull plating. She is comparable to The Federation
Ambassabor Class, except with a stronger hull and slightly heavier weapons.
Computer system resistant to any sabotage. Slow accelleration and Warp speeds
but very devistating against hostile forces.

Polygon count (Triangles): L1 1085
L2 N/A
Texture maps: 2 (256x256)
Date of Model completion: 08/02/2002
Relative time to completion: 2 days
Model Designer: Fasa or TrekMuse
Model Builder: Solid Snake (AKA. Gray_Fox0001)
Additional Credits:
Yoda of Borg AKA. Straxus for some of Mesh and texture.
Thanks To:
Yoda of Borg AKA. Straxus for being an inspiration for modeling.
Special Thanks:
Gene Roddenberry
George Lucas
Known Bugs:
None currently known
Contact the modeller at Gray_Fox0001@hotmail.com
If you wish to use this material for anything please give credit to the people who
made the material. do not edit this readme or the contents of the ZIP file with out
permission of the material maker.
Should this material cause problems with your computer, I take no responisbility for damage
to your computer.
This material is NOT made by Activision, Mad Doc, Paramout or any other company.
This material is NOT supported by Activision, Mad Doc, Paramount or any other
company (other than me).

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#1 Stargazor_001 2006-09-08 06:10
A cool looking ship. This will make a fine addition to my Romulan fleet. 9/10.
#2 paulhanselluk 2006-09-08 11:17
I like it,

It says to me BOP (romulan) evolution to warbird.

#3 HMS_Frontier 2006-09-16 13:36
This Is Good Have A :filetrekker: :donut:
#4 AdmarilRyan 2007-02-15 08:36
I think it makes a good small vessal between the sizes of the defiant and the intrepid
#5 Straxus666 2007-11-16 00:17
Awesome! i was credited for being an inspiration for modeling! He must have ignored the Barney the Dinosaur that I made back in the day...LOL.


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