P'Veer Class P'Veer Class

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AdmarilRyan, 2007-07-04

This small little ship, would be the next generation of Romulan Destroyer. Converted from Bridge Commander, this ship would probably fit in alongside the Norexan / Valdore Warbird. My only doubt for this, is that a destroyer should have 1700 polies, with a 1024x1024 texture set, but I'm sure that wont be a problem on these modern computers.

- Ash


P'Veer Class

A new destroyer for the Romulan empire, it carrys a heavy armourment including rapidfire plasma torpedos, and 4 pulse cannons. However it is lightly shielded, and relys on it's cloaking device for defence.

*****Install Instructions*****

Copy in folders into your armada 2 directory and overwrite any files if asked. To do this will of course overwrite any existing mods.
If you are a modder and what to add this ship to an existing mod this is the techtree, shipyard and sprite code:

(put this with the romulan ships in the tech1.tt file)
rdestroy2.odf 1 rdestroy2.odf

(ryard.odf file, instead of the current buildlist)
buildItem0 = "rscout"
buildItem1 = "rdestroy"
buildItem2 = "rdestroy2"
buildItem3 = "rcolony"
buildItem4 = "rcruise1"
buildItem5 = "rcruise3"
buildItem6 = "rassault"
buildItem7 = "rcruise2"

(put this with the other romulan build buttons)
b_rdestroy2 gbrdestroy2 0 0 64 64

(put this sprite code at the bottom of the gui global file)
rdestroy2w4 rdestroy2wire 0 0 128 128


Putting the model ingame (buildbutton, odfs and such): AdmarilRyan (me)
Model Hardpointing and Exporting to SOD: AdmarilRyan (me)

Original Model for Bridge Commander:
- A co-operation between Starforce Productions and Nightforce Productions (Original readme included)

*****Final Words*****

You may use this as you wish providing full credit is given although it would be nice if you informed myself (AdmarilRyan) if you do so.
Any problems feel free to contact me by email or windows messenger on r202156@hotmail.com

I hope you you enjoy the mod

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#1 AdmarilRyan 2007-07-04 08:08
In responce to the review, anyone with 512mb of RAM or better need not worry at all about the textures, and the poly count is by no means serious and will never cause a problem unless your processor is more than 4 years old (mine is about 2 and half years out of date), Ash can hardly talk when it comes to high poly BC converts :P
#2 Transmission 2007-07-04 10:58
Most of my conversions are now at lower polygons, and are ships on the bigger scale, being heavy cruisers, or battleships over destroyers. :-)
#3 Doom369 2007-07-04 12:28
another romulan ship cool. Now we need an extra shipyard for all the new romulan ships.
#4 Doom369 2007-07-04 12:29
nice lookin ship by the way
#5 thunderfoot006 2007-07-04 19:46
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have always wanted another Rommie destroyer class to go with the Shrike and this fits very nicely. Downloading now! :D
#6 Freyr 2007-07-09 13:55
erm. I only have 256MB on my video card. We did a poll a while back asking what people were using and while I forget the percentage of people with 512MB graphics cards I do recall it being single digits.
#7 AdmarilRyan 2007-07-09 18:50
I meant system RAM, texture information is stored there during loading, and then transfered to the video memory when it is used for rendering in a series of frames.

My own graphics card is a 256MB GeForce 7600GS (Palit AGP edition.)

My processor is a P4 at 3.4GHz (single core)

My RAM is 1GB DDR at 166MHZ 3-3-3-7-2T

IDE 120MB hardisk

So hardly a power PC, and I have NEVER experience lag, even when I had the same setup with only an AMD Semperon 2800, and I always play at the maximum resolution, with plenty of high poly ships with high res textures.

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