Akira class separation Akira class separation

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mash1971, 2008-12-15


Interesting concept. While there's no evidence to suggest that the Akira class starship could separate, either from the model or from the scenes and episodes which show one of these majestic Starfleet cruisers, there's a school of thought in Trek fandom that says that every ship can separate its saucer section. How a Sabre or Steamrunner would be able to pull this off is beyond me, and the Norway would be at a particular disadvantage, well, this just might be the mod for you.

As mentioned above, you need to use the "replaceweapon" ability conferred by the 1.2.5 patch, and without it, you'll have a hard time getting this to work. Saucer separation is notoriously impossible to get to work due to the Galaxy class being hardcoded, but the 1.2.5 patch is thankfully capable of working around that little issue. It's not for everyone, of course, but it makes neat mods like this one possible.

Worth a look.



akira class upgrade mod

saucer seperation for the akira class

put sod files in the sod folder

put the bmp file in the bitmaps/admirals log/ship images folder

put odf files in the corresponding folders

open the fcruise1.odf file in the odf/ships folder

under weapons put this line

// saucer seperation
weapon4 = "gakirasep"
weaponHardpoints4 = "hp26"

save file

open the guiglobal file in the sprites folder

under special weapons buttons

put these lines

b_gakirasep gbgalseparator00 0 0 64 64
b_gakiracom gbgalintegrator00 0 0 64 64

under federation wireframes

find the line

fcruise1w5 fedwireframe01 192 96 48 48

put these lines underneath

fcruise1aw1 fedwireframe01 0 96 48 48
fcruise1aw2 fedwireframe01 48 96 48 48
fcruise1aw3 fedwireframe01 96 96 48 48
fcruise1aw4 fedwireframe01 144 96 48 48
fcruise1aw5 fedwireframe01 192 96 48 48

fcruise1bw1 fedwireframe01 0 96 48 48
fcruise1bw2 fedwireframe01 48 96 48 48
fcruise1bw3 fedwireframe01 96 96 48 48
fcruise1bw4 fedwireframe01 144 96 48 48
fcruise1bw5 fedwireframe01 192 96 48 48

save file

open the tech1.tt file in the techtree folder

under federation ships

put these lines

fcruise1a.odf 2 fyard.odf fresear.odf
fcruise1b.odf 2 fyard.odf fresear.odf

under federation special weapons

put these lines

gakiracom.odf 2 fyard.odf fresear2.odf
gakirasep.odf 2 fyard.odf fresear2.odf

save file

put these lines in the fulltech file in the same folder

gakiracom.odf 0
gakirasep.odf 0

fcruise1a.odf 0
fcruise1b.odf 0

save file



activision/mad doc

this mod is not supported by the above



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#1 Major_A_Payne 2008-12-15 22:53
Okay so an interesting idea, but I think it could benefit from a specially made akira model rather than the default one.
#2 adm_tyler 2008-12-16 01:29
The sauce looks great, I can see a similarity to a nacelle-less Saber Class. On the other hand, the Stardrive looks like a Weapon pod with Nacelles.
#3 wingsabre 2008-12-16 03:32
why? akira should never separate, it was intended to be a combination of gunship and carrier. Hence the front shuttle bay and rear shuttle bay.
#4 _dEjavU_ 2008-12-16 13:30
I agree with Major Payne, this would really be something if the ship itself was an Akira-like vessel designed for seperation.
#5 DScottHewitt 2008-12-16 15:53
Just because you can do something........
#6 InterstellarMachine 2008-12-17 08:56
Ooo, that looks like it would hurt.
#7 Loskene 2008-12-22 15:11
...doesn't mean that you should.
#8 SiKkSiXx 2009-03-01 23:29
give da guy a break. atleast he tryd =]
#9 Oxygen_Thief 2009-06-30 16:57
All I did was put the files where they belong and to add the seperation part to the Akira-class ship. but once seperated, the two section don't move and don't even reintergrate into a full Akira-class starship. HELP.
#10 rikkardnovacat 2010-02-03 11:35
i think the seperation point should have been at the tip of the arms connecting to the saucer, so you have the nacells, weapon pod/ (now) secondary command center and the arms that connect the saucer to the rear... in the rear, so all you have is the saucer as one peice

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