Xtal's Type 2 Cube and Fusion Cube Xtal's Type 2 Cube and Fusion Cube

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Admiral Xtal Sparks, 2003-01-23

These are certainly unique designs for a Cube, but are nice changes to the standard Cube design.

This Pack Has Type 2 Cubes and Type 2 Fusion cubes

Build Time: 1 hour
Hardpoint Time: 30 mins

Type 2 Cube Number of Hardpoints: 8
Type 2 Fusion Cube Hardpoints: 56

Textures: A2 Assimilator

Hope yall like my first release.

Model By: Admiral Xtal Sparks

Install Instructions:

put the two sod files in the sod folder
put bxtype2 and bxtype2fusion in the ship folder in the odf folder
bcubearmor in Textures/RGB

//Add these lines in Tech1 and Fulltech in the techtree folder

bxtype2.odf 0
bxtype2fusion.odf 0

gxType2cubeint.odf 0

# Borg build buttons
b_bxtype2 gbbbattle1 0 0 64 64

# Borg wireframes

bxtype2w1 borgwireframe01 0 0 48 48
bxtype2w2 borgwireframe01 48 0 48 48
bxtype2w3 borgwireframe01 96 0 48 48
bxtype2w4 borgwireframe01 144 0 48 48
bxtype2w5 borgwireframe01 192 0 48 48

bxtype2fusionw1 borgwireframe02 0 192 48 48
bxtype2fusionw2 borgwireframe02 48 192 48 48
bxtype2fusionw3 borgwireframe02 96 192 48 48
bxtype2fusionw4 borgwireframe02 144 192 48 48
bxtype2fusionw5 borgwireframe02 192 192 48 48

# Special weapon buttons

b_gxType2cubeint gbcubeintegrator00 0 0 64 64

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#1 Guest 2003-01-23 08:43
Thanks! This looks awesome!!!!!
#2 Guest 2003-01-23 08:45
Would Be good but it's in a RAR format...i can't open it. So how do i get this?
#3 conceptfuture 2003-01-23 09:50
go to rarlab.com then click on downloads on the lft - there are a number of options here - click on the one you want
#4 STGamerNew2002 2003-01-25 04:15
Hello Admiral Xtal Sparks,

I downloaded your 'Type 2' Borg Cubes to my game, but I don't see them on the screen. What I mean is I don't see a BUILD Button for them, nor do I see them in any Borg Shipyards - just the regulars ships. Is it somehow you might of missed a couple more TGA and a BMP buttons and more instructions to install them? :borg:
#5 Admiral_Xtal_Sparks 2003-01-25 23:31
I used the Cube's build button for its build button. Thats why you were suppose to add that build button line to the gui. If you can't add the button it will still run without one.
#6 STGamerNew2002 2003-01-26 17:16
Hello again Admiral,

Thanks for getting back on this problem, but maybe I'm not getting it again or something is up. I did follow your directions over and over again and I'm not getting your 'Type 2' Borg ship still. I still build the REGULAR Cube ships with the built button, but YOUR VERSION still doesn't show. I check for where I added your 'gui' file and YES it's there, but still NOTHING(yet). It's nothing of MAJOR that I NEED the mods in there, but I'm CURIOUS on how it looks in the game(this I will admit). I wonder has anyone else had a chance to add your MOD to there game with no prob? :o

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