Ultra Fusion Cube Mod Ultra Fusion Cube Mod

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Yacuzza, 2005-02-17

This is the Ultra Fusion Cube Mod for Star Trek Armada II. This is a really sweet looking addition to the borg fleet, well worth the download size.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ultra Fusion Cube Mod xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Unzip the file and Run the winRAR self-extracting achive ,use Browse button to select the destination folder. select the default Star Trek Armada 2 directory.

For advanced users who wish to install the mod manually, direct the self-extracting achive to install to a temporary directory. Then copy the files over to your Armada 2 directory.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YACUZZA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Version    Author  Yacuzza  Website   
Downloads  2,274  Size  5.31 MB  Created  2005-02-17 



#11 Ultimate_Dragon 2005-03-10 16:14
well now what am i supposed to do with the "64" cube model?
#12 ANARCHY666 2005-05-29 18:24
When i have my fusion cubes i try and fuse those but they won't

and yes i have LOTS of space to do it in

why doesnt it work ?

can anyone help me out here ?
#13 Pinky_20 2005-09-27 15:30
ummmm ...I like this alot but I cant even fuse cubes together to make a fusion cube. I don't know whats wrong. :o
#14 disconect 2006-06-18 10:30
ok i cant even fuse them together i cant even fuse 8 cubes together
#15 Z_E_U_S 2007-01-27 11:10
Nice mod , great concept . Unfortunately ITS NOT WORKING . The cube wont fuse no matter what you do so its quite pointless in the end to download , except for the textures that are quite nice.
#16 Star701 2007-04-06 22:37
see description above :thumbsup: i installed all the files with the auto install thing and it didn't work. Anyone know what is wrong?
#17 Star701 2007-04-06 22:41
i forgot to look at the description for it :roll: a Fusion FUSION cube lol... srry for the stupid comment...
#18 Star701 2007-04-07 02:43
This time a real one lol.... i wasn't sure where to put this but since it started with this i might as well put it here. if you've looked at the screenshots, you'll notice that the officer count is X/99999 (X being what you're at). can anyone tell me how to get that mod? if it's not on this site i request it. TY
#19 insert_name_heer 2007-05-12 18:14

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