Three sided Borg cube Three sided Borg cube

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Twitch, 2004-06-26

Titles can be diceveing... This cube still has six sides, but the texture on the cube only repeats once(instead of 6 times), so there are three different textures for it, each used twice. There are slight ODF modifications, but nothing to write home about. If you can't stand repeating textures, this is for you.

New Borg Textures Part 11
by Twitch-

The Borg Cube now has 3 different side textures like the Tactical Cube does instead of just
1 as it did originally. It has small modifications to weapons and is not greatly stronger.

Notice that some of the textures used in Borg mods will alter other Borg station/vessels looks.
Hold on. When all the Borg objects are uploaded they will all look just right so you'll need
to get them all. The Cube is really a stand alone sharing .Tga files only with a small part
of the Harbinger so if you want only the cube it, no other textures are really changed by adding

NOTE: Borg sods often use parts from several textures so changing one affects other objects.

Back up these files in your games and drag these in from a temporary folder after unzipping.
You can use or mod these in any way you wish. Reverse the process to return to normal. I don't
care about permission or credit- just have fun!




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#1 Gluckmiester 2004-07-06 07:27
damn i was excpecting some amazing and yet imposible model

but its a cool texture good job!!

has anyone here noticed that we moders can do so much more than the ppl at activision and yet we dont get paid for it while they make about 80 000 a=dollars a year?
#2 Twitch1 2004-07-07 03:14
I just got tired of ALL cubes having six of the same sides of graphics while the Tactical Cube has 3 different side graphics. I put lots of small detail in the tgas compared to the original too.

All in all Activision and Mad Doc did a great job considering all game projects have limited time, staff and $$ while working against a projected release date.
#3 draconis_sharp 2004-07-08 10:08
my first thought was: HUH?

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