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Twitch, 2004-03-15

Twitch has made a new tactical sphere, looks pretty good.

by Twitch- simdoktor@aol.com

There hasn't been a tactical sphere around for a while so I thought I'd build one with all
new texture. It's not a super ship but will take some punishment and dish it out.

Edit the tech trees like this:

bbattle4.odf 1 bhub.odf // battleship (tactical fusion cube)
bsphere.odf 2 byard.odf byard2.odf // tactical sphere

Add it to the build list of yard 2- if it's not item 4 use the sequential number:

buildItem3 = "bbattle2"
buildItem4 = "bsphere"

Edit the gui_global.spr file so it uses the regular sphere's build button and wireframe:

b_bsuperbl gbbsuperbl 0 0 64 64
b_bsphere gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64

bspherew1 borgwireframe01 0 96 48 48
bspherew2 borgwireframe01 48 96 48 48
bspherew3 borgwireframe01 96 96 48 48
bspherew4 borgwireframe01 144 96 48 48
bspherew5 borgwireframe01 192 96 48 48

Back up these files in your games and drag these in from a temporary folder after unzipping.
You can use or mod these in any way you wish. Reverse the process to return to normal. I don't
care about permission or credit- just have fun!





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#1 MajorPayne 2004-03-15 02:07
Model is functional Twitch, but I believe it could have benefitted by a more detailed texture set.

Still, its something new if nothing else.
#2 8472_of_borg 2004-03-19 17:53
I agree with majorpayne(i know thats probally a big shock to you because of other things)....the textures could have used more work....maybe you could have used them from your a2 borg sphere....oh and i'm still waiting for that borg deathstar...whens that comming?
#3 Twitch1 2004-03-29 03:37
The sod I used has only one lod but that was the trade off for a sod that wraps texture as I needed. There are battle scars and wear to give the idea of heavy use.

8472- I'll upload my battlestars again. Tried 3 times now and they haven't seemed to make it up here.

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