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Billy9, 2005-02-16

This is a repair ship for the borg that you can add into Star Trek Armada II. Its basicly a ship that acts similar to the 8472 repair bee, it regenerates damaged ships. A nice job and somthing i think the borg side should have.

Borg Repair Ship for Star Trek Armada 2

Hello. Its Billy9 here with an Armada 2 mod. I hope you like this one better than my last ones.

I took the textures and sod from the Borg Cylinder Mod by Michael Kelly. Credits to him for makking the sod and putting the textures into A2. Credits for the makers of SFC 3 for the textures.

I got the idea from the 8472 Repair Bee. Heres the quote that inspired me:
Now all but the borg have a repair ship

So heres the product. It is moderately armed and useful.

The Files:
5 Odfs(Wow)
1 Sod
4 Textures
And the readme.

No gui entries or bitmaps. If someone would care to do a bitmap for me and the buildbutton and wireframes pm me on Gaming Forums.

Put the odf brepair into the odfs/ships folder.

Then put the odfs bc1phas2 and bc1phaso2 into the odfs/weapons/phasers folder.
Next put the odfs bc2phot2 and bc2photono2 into the odfs/weapons/photons folder.

Put the sod (brepair) into the sods folder.

Next put the 4 textures into the textures/rgb folder.

Now put:
brepair.odf 0
into the file fulltech under Borg Ships.

Next put:
brepair.odf 2 bbase.odf bupgrade.odf
into the file tech1 under Borg Ships

Finally go to the odfs/stations in the bbase file.
buildItem2 = "brepair"

Under the build items section.

Thats it! I hope you enjoy this mod!
Look for the other im submitting with this one:
The Species 8472 Father.

THIS PATCH IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION TM & (C) ACTIVISION & PARAMOUNT PICTURES. Copyright notices: Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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#1 superknijn 2005-02-16 13:37
finally !

It looks a bit like the Borg Cilinder, can you post frontal pics?

And, are there new voices?
#2 loki_666 2005-02-17 09:34
Looks like a borg cylinder..... im sure it is one.

Kudos for modding it into a repair ship. If you did totally rip off the SOD though you should give credit to Terradyhne though.
#3 loki_666 2005-02-17 09:35
Looks like a borg cylinder? Im sure it is one.

Kudos for modding it into a repair ship, but if you did rip off the SOD you should give credit to Terradyhne.
#4 Twitch1 2005-02-21 11:29
Good-looking ship. Never figured whay the Borg wouldn't have had a repair ship either.
#5 Andrew_Of_Borg 2005-02-25 09:16
Why don't you make your own SOD and texture files instead of using other people's? It looks better that way. And here's another suggestion, if not, would you use an old A1 *****embler or something instead?
#6 Limon36 2006-05-16 00:33
There is a build Textures pic missing because it doesn't show the repair in the Nexus, after adding the buildItem2 = "brepair" in bbase.odf file :sad:
#7 Freakman 2006-08-20 01:08
Of course it doesn't. He didn't make a picture for it. Also, does this work for the demo?
#8 Kevington 2007-08-01 12:57
hi, im having difficulty understanding your install instructions. im fine up to the part where you insert the textures but then i dont know what you mean.

can you get back to me?

thanks, Kevington

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