Borg Queen's Personal Diamond Borg Queen's Personal Diamond

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2004-02-24

This is a Borg Queen's Personal Diamond that's built by the Advanced Ship Yard for the Borg race.

Borg Queen's personal Diomond

built at advanced shipyard (borg race only)

Attributes: Borg queens voice and phrases
Powerful weapons, strong hull(6000)
high regeneration rate
high special power charge up rate
diomonds special weapons
ship features bigger size
no hull or system damage or crew loss is
received while shields are up
anhanced shield capacity

These feature's are in comparison to normal Special ship(Diomond)

**********HOW TO IMPLIMENT FILES**********

To simple steps!

1. go to armada2 directory, go to odf/ships and copy bspecial (make note of lowercase b)
and paste it into the folder, let it overite the old one.

2. go back to the armada2 director (out of odf file) and go to SOD file,
copy Bspecial and paste it into the folder, let it overite the old one.

GO back out of armada to directory and play game and enjoy.

Thank you for downloading this MOD!

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#1 Deepwater 2004-02-25 09:22
I think this may be mine but if it is its very old like 2 years
#2 FileTrekker 2004-02-25 10:28
It came in with no name and an unknown e-mail address so its been labled Unknown/Anom
#3 shadow43289 2004-02-25 13:56
Ft what was the email adress

I think this might be one of my files that I made but that never seemed to reach a2files
#4 FileTrekker 2004-02-26 08:56
Im not sure, we delete the e-mail's after we add the files so they dont get accidently added twice.

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