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Twitch, 2004-11-15

This mod by Twitch adds the Omega Cube to A2 along with a 3rd Borg shipyard just for the cube Smile Theres alot more information on the Omega Cube in the readme, and check out the screenshots. Good stuff. Smile

A2 Borg Omega Cube
by Twitch-

The Omega Cube harks back to the early days of A1 when people were building super cubes. There
were some interesting ones around and this one is the same style but has all of A2's better
weapons. It's about the size of a fusion cube.

The best way to get weapon ordnance onto target is to have many, many weapons not just weapons
with many HPs. With all the HPs this thing has it will concentrate fire from more than a dozen
beam weapons per side alone! It has many bm4 photon tubes and some nasty Borg special weapons
too. The automatic assimilator bore pulls out 25 potential drones per second from enemy ships.
The hold beam does just that- hold. Before the hold beam sent too many drones to enemy ships
too fast so that you were short on crew very soon. Now just 1 per second beam over. I could not
get zero to function.

The phasers are the b4m with longer range and the Deathstar long range phaser. I included just
one of my 4000-meter range planet pulse phasers. Transwarp drive is added, but I rarely use it.
The bm4 torp and phaser TGAs are a bit more intense green. Shields are very strong but this
ship can be killed. Yes it throws off the balance some so you have to temper your use of it.
It's not the kind of ship you build many of. One at a time works fine. Feel free to change up the
weapons to your liking and see what works best for you.

It builds the scout and the sphere but is not a repair facility. I get tired of my Deathstars
seemingly being tied up every time I have a few ships to repair- usually captured ones- so I
changed that here. I suggest you lower your scout's build time to 1.0 or even 0.50 so they
launch fast too.

The Omega Cube is a facility like a station and the Borg incubate drones to replenish the crew
of 15,000. You can't repair in a yard since the Omega Cube has a shipyard class label.

I included the ODFs for my sphere and scout. They're a bit nastier than standard. The Borg
Cutting Beam has been enhanced to fire in a continual beam with no perceptible delay between
shots. The Omega SOD was made by Prophesy but all else is mine, Twitch.

To build the Omega Cube I imported and re-textured the advanced Borg yard from A1. It is better
in most respects for building large ships. You will need to add to you construction ship's build
list like this: buildItemx = "byard3" x being an available line in the ODF.

The techtt files need to be edited. In the Borg stations section add:
byard3.odf 2 byard.odf byard2.odf // omega cube assembly matrix

In the Borg ships section add:
bbomega.odf 2 byard.odf byard2.odf // omega cube

in the gui_global.spr file you must add this in the Borg section:
b_bbomega gbomega 0 0 64 64
b_byard3 gbbyard3 0 0 64 64

Back up the files in your games and drag these in from a temporary folder after unzipping.
Reverse the process to return to normal. You can use or mod this in any way you wish. I don't
care about permission or credit- just have fun!









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#1 Guest 2004-11-15 23:30
i like it great job
#2 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-11-16 05:16
would you mind making a tga for me? itd have to be for my OTFC and UFC. Id need it just to have 64 single cubes showing, like if the TFC actually fused with 7 others...
#3 Twitch1 2004-11-18 04:45
Ain't sure I exactly picture what you need. One big TGA with like 64 divided squares representing cubes?
#4 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-11-18 05:57
something like that, yes... how big would the tga be?
#5 Twitch1 2004-11-19 01:42
I'd do it 512x512. I'll see what I can come up with.
#6 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-11-19 11:01
okay cool, email me at when your done. Youll get credit 4 being the tga maker when i release my OFTC and UTF cube mod 1.1
#7 RIS_Romulan_Glory 2004-12-09 01:40
I installed all the files correctly built an Omega yard but there is no cube at all. The only option available is back. Please help!

jolan true :sad:
#8 Thermal_Nuclear_Chicken 2009-01-30 20:30
make sure that you put the ship in the techtrees and that you have the names of the files right.

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